All that glitters is gold, and sometimes that gold comes from a 3D printer! Or at least some genius who gave their printed treasures the Midas Touch. To celebrate Gold Week here at Brit + Co, we are following up our much coveted haute high tech jewelry roundup with 21 3D printed gold accessories for your home and your wardrobe. Jewelry box, mantel, desk: meet the future.

1. Yellow Gold Geo Chunky Ring ($99): What are you going to do with all that bling, all that bling on your little fing’? Show it off, y’all. And get ready because this list has some stunning rings to make you 3D printed jewelry believers for good.

2. 3D Printed Bottle Opener ($76): You’ll be poppin’ bottles in serious style thanks to the most glamorous beer cracker-opener ever. This pretty kitchen utensil is 3D printed in stainless steel and enrobed in 24k gold.

3. Crystal and Ball Ring ($80) This gorgeous sculptural ring is a statement piece on its own, and imagine what people will say when they find out it was 3D printed. Mm-hmm.

4. Brass Vessel Pendant ($250): Okay, technically this is brass — but this 3D printed, polished beauty shines like the 24 karat stuff!

5. Populate Geometric Ring ($128): If Beyoncé had a 3D printer at home, this is the type of Instagrammed goodies we’d see her creating.

6. Hexahive Earrings ($75): These digitally fabricated danglers would bring a serious POG (Pop o’ Gold) to any LBD. Plated + Posie have a home section coming soon that we are pretty psyched about.

7. Endswell Collection: We are still swooning over this line of gorgeous solid gold heirlooms cast from 3D prints and available in rose, yellow or white gold. Or, all, please?

Hey, we have 10 fingers…

8. Pac Man Necklace ($65): What’s a 3D list without a little touch of geek chic? There’s something pretty sweet about this reimagined little Pac Man charm.

9. Framed Ring ($105 USD): This sleek finger candy is simple yet oh-so chic — and, is it just us, or is everything 3D printed automatically cooler?

10. Pia Hinze Dress: Okay, so maybe you’re not going to find this at the mall, but we had to share this piece from grad student (!!) Pia Hinze’s 2013 collection, just so you know what’s possible with a 3D printer.

11. Sand Dunes Ring: This curvy ring is part of a collection inspired by the natural beauty of various landscapes. We think it’s a natural beaut’ on your hand!

12. Gold Bauhaus Necklace + Gold Arrow Necklace: This Etsy shop is currently on vacation, and while we’re all for some R+R, we would like to order both of these as soon as humanly possible.

13. 3D-Rex ($142): We can’t think of a better paperweight in all the land than a gold-plated brass dino head. Your coworkers will never steal your stapler again.

14. Matte Gold Steel Cuff ($150): Printed in Boston, this matte gold steel cuff with perfectly printed pyramids is as badass as they come.

15. Edge Gold 3D Printed Rings ($33 USD): Stackable minimalist rings will shine bright like a diamond (well, you know what we mean) alongside your other ring bling.

16. Golden Gate Bridge Necklace ($110): It’s pretty common to leave your heart in San Francisco, but how about keeping a piece of the city near your heart at all times with Oakland’s hrvst3D Landmark collection?? We’re in.

17. Diamond String Lights ($62): These give off a golden glow, but you could spray paint the 3D, geo bulbs so that they’re gold even when the lights are off.

18. Love Is Blind Braille Ring ($154 USD): One side of this 3D printed treasure features a cute little heart, while the other spells out “love is blind” in Braille. Yes, that makes it two rings in one.

19. LeLuv Heart Gear Engineer Nerd Gift ($40): Well, call us nerds then, because we would gladly accept this gift.

20. Warthog Bottle Stopper ($139): Totally necessary, right? We thought so. #HakunaMatata

21. MYBF Cufflinks ($175 USD): Fellas, you get some 3D printed bling, too!

How will you bring some more bling into your 3D printed life? Share your favorite printing projects with us below!