When it was announced that Zendaya would be appearing in the newest Spider-Man movie, we. were. psyched. But as fast as the news came, so did the fact that her part would not be a leading role. Boo! We were left wondering if she would appear as bad-a$$ burglar Black Cat or perhaps the Alice in Wonderland-obsessed White Rabbit. Now, it turns out that the movie execs were being stealthier than we expected, and news is buzzing that Zendaya will actually be taking on a role that is WAY bigger than we could have hoped for (okay, we were totally hoping for it).


Even The Hollywood Reporter noted at first that Zendaya’s part was not a “lead role” in the new Spidey film, with her character’s name being listed early on as “Michelle.” We now know that that was just a cover for Zendaya’s true role: Mary Jane Watson.

That’s right, Zendaya has been cast as the film’s leading lady and Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s love interest. Whoa! This is huge not only for the star herself (go, girl, go!), but also an epic step forward in casting diversity — Zendaya will be the first woman of color EVER to represent the character of Mary Jane.


According to Vulture, this news wasn’t actually meant to hit the world yet, as it was supposed to be a plot-twist in the film. Near the end, Peter (the spider-bitten hero being played by Tom Holland) has a quirky gal-pal who tells him he can “call her M.J.” That’s right, Mary Jane. But really, a secret this big would never have lasted long in Hollywood, so now we just have to hope that Mary Jane gets herself involved in some of the kick-a$$ action.

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(h/t MTV; photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez, Frazer Harrison/Getty)