Get ready, superhero-lovin’ fans, because there’s even more world-saving, bad-guy battling action coming your way with a new Spider-Man reboot. Although not all of the details have been released for this newest Spidey incarnation, we CAN tell you that Zendaya has now joined the cast in a mystery role. Ooooh!


You know what’s no mystery, though? How awesome she’ll be in this reboot — as well as who we think she should play. Yeah, yeah — she could fill the love-interest spot if there happens to be one (however, The Hollywood Reporter has noted that Zendaya’s part is not a “lead role,” which may rule that out completely), but we think she’d be even more awesome as a kick-butt, Spider-Man-battling, amazingly cool outfit-wearing villain.

Some choice Spidey baddies she would surely be amazing as: Black Cat, bad-a$$ burglar with a Catwoman vibe; Kraven the Hunter, the third one, that is; or Alice in Wonderland-obsessed, wild female criminal White Rabbit. Or maybe even a totally new take on the Green Goblin.

With Tom Holland tapped for the role of Peter Parker (replacing earlier casting choice, Andrew Garfield) and the always amazing Academy Award winning Marisa Tomei in the part of Peter’s loving aunt May, the newest Spider-Man will apparently be tied in with The Avengers. That automatically gives it some serious credit, if past Avengers movies box-office sales are any indication.

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(h/t Pop Sugar; photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty)