Sure, it still might be a novelty to see a smartwatch in real life (for now), but they’re not exactly the newest gadgets in the tech game anymore. Between the Pebble, the Martian Passport and the Cogito Pop, there are a whole lot of options if you’re looking to digitalize your arm candy. But there’s still one major downside – most of them look very, well… techy. We’re in love with Apple Watch, natch, but that’s not a tangible #want until next year. If you’re on the hunt for a smartwatch for the fall that looks more like a watch and less like some kind of alien gadget, we’ve got just the thing.

It’s called the ZenWatch. The newest smartwatch to hit the market was introduced by Asus, a leading Taiwanese information technology company. This watch is definitely smart, but it’s also coming at us with a visually pleasing aesthetic we don’t always get to see in this budding industry.

The timepiece features a curved 2.5D design on the front and a stainless cover on the back. In place of the metal or plastic links often used on smartwatches, you’ll find a tan leather strap with a clean stitching detail. At first glance, it’d be easy to pass the ZenWatch as a standard luxury watch.

Alright, we’ve established that it looks great. Like really great. Now let’s talk about what it can do. First things first, you should know that this puppy will only work with an Android phone. Sorry, iPhone users. It runs on Android Wear, a Google-backed platform that seamlessly translates some of the most popular smartphone features onto your wrist. You can check the weather, read texts, manage your schedule, create to-do lists and a whole lot more.

The ZenWatch has a couple of features you won’t find on any other Android Wear device. One key addition is the “wellness manager,” which measures your relaxation levels using something Asus calls the “bio sensor.” Taking the health factor up another notch, it can measure steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and exercise intensity. And as much as we’re into the health aspect, one of our favorite features is its ability to find your phone by using your watch to call it out from underneath your couch cushions.

So what’s this pretty thing going to set you back? About $258, which if you think about all the features you’re getting, is not too shabby. Half the plain Jane watches you’ll find at the department store will cost you about that. If the price still seems high, we’ve got good news. The release date is rumored to be sometime in October, so you have a little time to start saving.

When it comes to functionally, is this the best smartwatch on the market? Maybe not. But if you’re looking for a luxury style watch that happens to have some brains, then the ZenWatch should certainly be considered as a serious contender.

What do you think about this new smartwatch? Does it look better than the rest?

(h/t + photos via The Verge)