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These 20 Purple Hairstyles Will Make You Want to Dye Your Hair

If you haven’t noticed, purple hair isn’t just for angsty teens, clowns or Halloween costumes anymore. Vibrant hues are a fun way to step outside of the box when updating your look. For me, the color kick started due to a breakup. I just wanted something new (duh!). Now I’m hooked.

If you aren’t ready to fully commit to a colored ‘do, try hair chalk or semi-permanent wash-out color. If you aren’t ready even for washout dye, then just drown in amazement with us over our favorite purple hair inspirations.


1. Katy Perry: Our true inspiration. She had us wishing for purple locks ever since we saw her music video for California Gurls and then (a little more realistic) Wide Awake. (Photo via John M. Heller/Getty images)

Purple Hair

2. Taraji P. Henson: LOVE! The variation of purple hues in this ombre is amazing and making us totally jealous! Can we wake up with our hair looking like that everyday? Pretty please! (Photo via @tarajiphenson)


3. Justine Skye: When born with dark hair you need to remember that achieving purple hair is a bit harder – but can be done! You’ll need to bleach your hair to achieve a strong purple hue, otherwise it will turn a mucky/muted shade of purple brown. (Photo via lberto E. Rodriguez/Getty images)

Purple Hair Hammock Beach

4. Sea Salt and Purple Hair: The salt from the ocean can do amazing/awful things to your hair color. It will attack the vibrancy of the color and cause it to fade into a pastel. This could give you a beautiful natural ombre. However, if you are in love with your vibrant hues, stay away from the ocean! P.S. This photo was photoshopped. Sorry! But it is just too good!

Purple Hair Bow

5. Purple Bow Tie: The ends of your hair naturally get more sunlight and go through more wear-and-tear then the rest of your head. This will cause your color to lighten on its own and produce a dark to light fade. (via Callina Marie)

Light Purple Hair

7. Purple Pastel: This inspo brings us to fairy heaven. Light purple locks and sparkly dusted eyebrows? Yes, please. (via Garden of the Dreamers)

Dark Purple Hair

8. Purple Hues: When dying your whole head an unnatural hair color, remember to include lighter and darker pieces. This will create dimension that happens with your own hair color naturally.

Purple Hair

9. Orchid Pastel: This is clearly a pretty pastel *must* for this summer. (via Pastel Illusions)

Purple Hair

10. Kelly Bryden (Me!): If you’re afraid of totally committing to full on purple hues, try some highlights underneath your hair. You can pull them out or tuck them away depending on the occasion. (Photo via @Kellaybryden)


11. Kelly Osbourne: This Kelly was one of the first to start rocking the purple hues. I followed in suit, as every Kelly should ;) (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty images)


12. Rita Ora: I don’t know about you, but this ombre has got us thinking about sweet and sticky cotton candy. We are drooling over the mix of hues in this ‘do. (Photo via Anita Bugge/Getty)


13. Nicole Richie: This is my purple hair dream. An icy purple hue looks absolutely stunning next to Nicole’s amber eyes. (Photo via Brad Barket/Getty images)


14. Raven Symone: Yes! This gray and light purple hue is the perfect this color job. Her hair reminds us of beautiful icy igloo that we want to get lost in. (Photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty images)


15. Dascha Polanco:Long (purple + gray) hair, don’t care. (Photo via Mark Sagliocco/Getty images)


16. Demi Lovato: Leave it to Demi to awe us with this amazing ombre color. Along with Katy Perry, she is one celeb who always gives us great hair color inspiration.(Photo via Bryan Bedder/Getty images)

Purple Hair

17. Vibrancy Ombre: We LOVE the backwards ombre this gal is rocking. This is definitely one of the harder colored hair styles to maintain but boy is it stunning. (via Beautylish)


18. Jessie J: A purple bob is a super bold statement and we are totally on board. (Photo via Ian Gavan/Getty images)

Purple Hair Kelly

19. Kelly Bryden (Me!): A Miss Misty creation! For a year, I had purple highlights underneath my long brown hair. This time, I was ready for more! Misty added blond highlights that she then painted six different colors for one amazing head of mermaid highlights.

Purple Hair

20. All Things Purple: Okay we just want her style. Purple hair + purple lips = I’m in purple heaven!

Would you take the plunge and add some purple to your hair? Or are this images just enough eye candy for you? Tell us in the comments below!