We’ve all seen, obsessed over and maybe even tried the whole hair chalk thing. In fact, we originally jumped on this trend two years ago with successful, but super messy results. So when I came across these little hair chalk doodads at Walgreen’s yesterday, I had to give them a try. The results? Awesome.

On the left, plain old highlights. On the right? Hair chalked color!

Each $6 kit includes two colors of chalk — we obviously had to try all four colors (dark pink, hot pink, purple and green!) available ;) Now, let’s get to it!

1. To use this device you pick up a strand of hair and run the hair chalk along the hair in a downward motion. I started with the darker pink.

2. Moving on to the purple, add in a few streaks on both sides in a random way so it is not too symmetrical.

3. Now for some green! This worked on the darker pieces in my hair and showed up a lot cuter than I expected.

4. Finally, add a few strands of hot pink in the back sections.

5. For longer wear and to add a light sheen to your hair, I recommend topping the whole thing off with a lightweight hairspray or volume spray like Kenra 25.

Done and done.

I seriously love this kit!

And we’re officially ready for summer festival season ;)

Have you ever tried using hair chalk? Or any other temporary hair color? Got any favorite products we should try out? Talk to us in the comments below.