Here we are: The first weekend of the new year. It’s full of possibility. You can see through your health resolutions or you can finally take care of those odd jobs around the house. Or you can see through your resolution to treat yourself right, rest up and be good to yourself. For those in need of some R&R (whether that’s all weekend or a way to unwind after a productive day), these 10 shows and movies will help you roar your way into 2017. Or give you something to do until spring comes around and it’s warm enough to peak your head out. It’s up to you.


1. The Mick on Hulu: Kaitlin Olson (of Always Sunny fame) stars in this brand new comedy about a hustler aunt who becomes guardian to her three straight-laced nieces and nephews. (Photo via FOX)


2. The Bachelor on Hulu: Season 21 has begun and the drama is already high. Catch up on the first episode (#TEAMSHARKGIRL) and then prepare for a wild ride ahead. (Photo via ABC)



3. The Parent Trap on Netflix: Sorry to disappoint you: This isn’t the Lindsay Lohan version. But that does NOT mean this one is not worth watching. In fact, it’s completely charming and totally different than the ’90s favorite. This one’s got old 1960s glamour written all over it. (Photo via Disney)


4. Baby Mama on HBO: Celebrate the power comedy duo that is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The two work absolutely fantastically together in this movie — plus there are amazing appearances by Dax Shepard and Steve Martin that make the entire thing worth watching. (Photo via Universal Pictures)



5. Rent on Amazon: Tell all your friends you’re about to watch this and everyone will invariably respond, “OMG, I used to loooove that movie.” Invite them all over for a sing-along ASAP and surprise yourselves with how many of the lyrics you still remember. (Photo via Columbia Pictures)


6. Dallas Buyers Club on HBO: Matthew McConaughey makes a complete transformation for the role that won him an Oscar. He plays Ron Woodroof, who, after discovering he has HIV, goes on a mission to deliver HIV medication to as many people as possible. (Photo via Focus Features)



7. Bee Movie on Netflix: Catch up on the internet’s favorite movie, Bee Movie. For the uninitiated: This is an animated movie starring Jerry Seinfeld as a bee who breaks protocol and sues humans when he learns they’ve been stealing honey. (Photo via DreamWorks)


8. Caddyshack on Netflix: A must-watch for any Bill Murray fans (or just classic comedy fans), this old school flick follows a bunch of memorable characters around a country club. Apparently the movie was based on Murray’s and his brother’s experiences working as caddies at the local country club during summer vacation. Watch it to learn about all the one-liners you’ve been missing that are referenced all the time. (Photo via Orion Pictures)



9. Across the Universe on Amazon and Hulu: This musical recreation gives another life to The Beatles’ discography. Just be warned before you watch it: The tunes (and these versions of the tunes) will be stuck in your head for weeks to come. (Photo via Sony Pictures)

The Big Lebowski

10. The Big Lebowski on HBO: Go back to 1998 with this addictingly quotable movie. Although, watch out: Once you become a fan of the movie, you may start wearing a bathrobe around the house, drinking White Russians and referring to yourself as “The Dude.” (Photo via Universal Studios)

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(Featured photo via Universal Pictures)