A few months ago, we shared our 12 favorite gadgets, tricks, and doodads for equipping a fully functional crafty kitchen. Well, after even more experimentation here at Brit HQ, we've got 12 more must-haves to show you! From the perfect tool for hulling strawberries to a totally magical colander, here we go!

1. Flag Conversion Tea Towel ($9): First, get those pesky conversions in order. This tea towel, designed by Shanna Murray for West Elm, is a whimsical typographical illustration of the most basic kitchen conversions, from teaspoons to tablespoons to ounces to cups, and so on.

2. Cuisipro Herb Keeper ($20): Love cooking with fresh herbs but don't have a good spot for an herb garden? This herb keeper helps keep your store-bought herbs fresh as can be for much longer than your cheese drawer.

3. Trap Door Colander ($20): Perhaps the best colander we've seen! After you drain or strain you pasta, veggies, etc, simply open the trap door on the bottom to put directly on a plate, back into a pot, or into a baking pan. So simple!

4. Silicone Brownie-Squares Baking Mold ($9): This little darling came in handy for our Cappuccino Stout Brownies, Funfetti Macarons, and could even be used to be make custom chocolates. We love the mini-ness of it, and the break it gives our muffin pan.

5. Melon Baller ($9): Forget the melons. This puppy can turn just about any vegetable into an adorable cup! We recommend using it for a batch of Cucumber Watermelon Shooters. ;)

6. Strawberry Huller ($8): We discovered this tool when creating our Strawberry Cheesecake Jello Shots and just can't get enough. Yes, its a very specific tool for a very specific thing. But in the summertime, we like to incorporate strawberries into anything we can, and this tool makes our love for strawberries even greater.

7. Garlic Twist ($17): If you're mincing a lot of garlic at once, you'll love this little twist. Throw a clove or three of garlic in, twist, and you've got perfectly minced garlic. The cleanup is easy, and you get a lot more garlic than what you get out of a press.

8. 3-in-1 Design Rotary Peeler ($12): Need a peeler that's compact and can actually handle all the different fruits and veggies you're peeling? This little darling has a standard blade for potatoes and carrots, a soft skin blade for tomatoes and kiwis, and a julienne blade for making thin matchstick strips.

9. Mocubo Modular Cutting Board ($40): A cutting board and veggie storage system in one? Win! This is great if you're doing a ton of food prep and end up with piles of veggies on plates all over your countertop. Also great for extra crackers for cheese plates. We love using it when we want to prep food while socializing in the backyard or at the kitchen table. It's your one stop chop shop!

10. Compact Herb Chopper ($19): One thing we love about summer is the plethora of fresh herbs in just about everything you eat, drink, and make. This super compact herb chopper is a chopping block and blade in one, and is perfect for herbs. The surface is slightly curved to complement the blade, and it definitely beats using a whole cutting board for a few springs of mint.

11. Magic Bullet ($70): If you're making lots of homemade popsicles, smoothies, salsa, and cold summer soups, the Magic Bullet is your new best friend. It's microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, and makes a mean batch of Wine Slushies, Lemon Ice Balls, and Tropical Sorbet Bites.

12. Striped Paper Straws ($7): Finally, straws! How do you plan on serving all those delicious boozy cocktails without festive summery straws? These are just the finishing touch any cocktail needs, and double as popsicle sticks when you're in a pinch.

What are your favorite kitchen tools and culinary gadgets? Leave recommendations in the comments below or find us on Twitter. And stay tuned for more tips and tricks for the shortcut chef here at Brit & Co!