When we made our devilishly delicious Kombucha Punch a few weeks ago, we found ourselves with a whole lot of extra lemons. We spent a few days putting them in every glass of water we drank, in every salad we ate, and even tried squeezing a few into our hair and hanging out on the roof for a little natural highlight action.

But we still had a ton of lemons! So we grabbed our round ice cube tray, Magic Bullet, and went to town. These ice cubes (er, balls?) are a perfect addition to a glass of ice cold water, a cup of tea, or a classic vodka tonic. Cheers!

 – 6-12 lemons

– ice cube tray

– blender

Peel your lemons! If peeling is too much of a chore, use a spoon or ice cream scoop to scoop them out of the rind.

Get your tools together. For blending we used a Magic Bullet and for freezing we went with a sphere shaped ice cube tray. These aren't the fancy totally round spheres but they do the job. ;)


Scoop into your tray.


Now that they're frozen, you can pop them into any drink you like. Best of all, they won't water anything down, they'll just lemon it up!

How do you keep your drinks cool and refreshing in the summer months? Leave us your tips and tricks in the comments below or find us on Twitter.