There’s nothing quite like the roaring ’20s. With the introduction of jazz music, economic prosperity and newfound liberalism flooding America, *everything* was fun and exciting. Prohibition also brought about speakeasies and the growth of organized crime (i.e. flapper style and Al Capone). Yes, it was magical time — one we know you can’t wait to relive. Vintage-lovers get ready, because ’20s style is in this Halloween. You’ll jazz the night away with any of these ’20s-inspired costumes.

PaperDoll1-645x967 copy

1. Paper Doll: If you’ve ever played with paper dolls, you know how exciting this costume idea is. It would make an epic group costume. (via The Merrythought)


2. Flapper: The ’20s were all about keeping it short — including hemlines and hair. Click over to see how to create this chic faux bob. (via Brit + Co)


3. Charlie Chaplin: Step up your costume game as this famed silent film actor. Just prepare to bust out some silly, clumsy moves at a moment’s notice. (via Natalie Notions)


4. Vintage Bathing Suit ($134): Take a dip in this stylish vintage getup that you’ll probably want to wear come summertime. Pair it with a parasol to complete the look.

prohibition trousers

5. The Clara Knicker ($126): Show the boys how to get to work in this badass costume. Fun fact: The 1920’s helped bring stylish pants to ladies’ fashion.


6. Silent Film Star: Be your own silent film star with a bit of makeup and a quote printout. Better yet, go with your special someone for a chic-noir couples costume. (via Shrimp Salad Circus)


7. American Gangsters: Channel Al Capone and his gangsters in white dress shirts, black pants, suspenders and fedoras. All you gentlemen need now are a couple of molls ;) (via Celebrate Always)


8. Vintage Golf Costume ($125): Find yourself a pair of knickers, argyle socks and a pullover sweater to get this classy look. Or just purchase this for a vintage-inspired last-minute costume.


9. Tea Party Dress ($229): Capture this elegant look by sticking to empire dresses and kitten heels or flats.


10. Popeye and Olive Oyl: Here’s an old fashioned love story that never gets old. Just make sure you both eat your spinach before the big night out. (via @ritacykim)


11. Great Gatsby: Go for layered and draping fabrics to achieve this Gatsby-inspired look. (via Dear Mr. Rabbit)

vintage zombie

12. Vintage Zombie: Put a spooky spin on a vintage-inspired look with some dark eye makeup and vampy lips. (via The Glamorous Housewife)

Which of these vintage ’20s-inspired looks will you be trying this Halloween? Let us know below!