And for our next (hair) trick, we’re serving up three ways to play magic tricks with your hair. If you’ve got long hair and want to see it short, we’ve got the faux bob. Bored of your bangs? Make ’em disappear – no bobby pins required! Lastly, we’ve got a genius way to achieve an instantly bohemian look by turning your own hair into a headband. Read on to see how it’s done.

We’ll start with one that will definitely make your friends do a double take. The photos correspond to the following steps starting with the upper left photo.

1. Can you believe these long locks are about to go short?

2. Use a curling wand (we recommend the Sultra wand) to curl the hair.

3. Start at the side of your head with a section 2-3 inches wide and start at the bottom of each section, pinning the remaining hair to the side.

4. Complete curls around the entire head and secure using Kenra 25 volume spray.

5. Back comb the top section at the crown of your head all the way around.

6. Comb through the top to smooth down and reshape the curls.

7. Pull hair into a loose low pony tail and twist hair in pony, tuck under the hair up into the nape of the neck and secure by cross pinning the twisted hair.

8. Carefully separate the hair and shape to disguise the base of the hair to help it have a natural look. If you have layers, you can pull out a few of the shorter ones so there is a natural movement with the hair.

9. Give a final spray, and voila!

For this look, we’ll conceal Cecelia’s bangs with a few simple tricks.

1. This is great for when your bangs are growing out, or when you just need a remix.

2. If your hair isn’t wavy, make it wavy (tutorial here).

3. Part your bangs with the natural part in your hair.

4. Now using hairspray, take small sections of your bangs on one side and spiral curl using the Sultra wand away from your face.

5. Pick up the strand of hair that the bangs are leading into and re-curl it so that the bangs flow right into the longer hair.

6. Use TIGI Bed Head Wax Stick to smooth the hair together and bond it to the longer strands.

7. Repeat on the other side!

8. Fluff that hair up to give it a natural flow.

9. And there you have it!

Next up, we’ll turn Cecelia’s hair into its own headband! How cool is that? For a different take, check out this video.

1. Again, make that hair wavy!

2. Pin up a section of hair around 3 inches or so down from the top of your head.

3. Take a section of hair around 2 inches wide and begin a fishtail braid in the direction you are going to wrap the braid around to the opposite side of your head.

4. Once you get to the opposite side, unpin the first side and pin away another section on the opposite side so that you can place the end of the braid evenly at its ending place. Secure by cross pinning (be sure your pins are facing downwards so the pins do not stick out at the top).

5. Add volume by back combing the top sections you had pinned away on both sides of the head.

6. Smooth down while reshaping the curls to disguise the braid.

7. How fun is that?

8. So festival-ready!

9. We’re kind of in love with this look.

Which of these hair tricks is your favorite? What other hair tutorials would you like to see on Brit + Co? Talk to us in the comments below.