Summertime is party time, and from baby showers to bachelorette parties to weddings, all good parties need a creative invitation. Your invite sets the tone for the type of event you throwing, and is a great way to get guests in the mood to party well before the big day. While we know it can be tempting to go the digital route, especially for eco-friendly reasons, we can’t resist a good old fashioned paper invite. Here are 25 creative invites that caught our eye.

1. Scratch-Off: These lottery-style invitations ask the recipient to scratch off to find out where the wedding will be. So fun! (via Swiss Cottage Designs)

2. Bunting Wedding Invite: Why not turn your invitation into a piece of decor? (via Alley9CreativeStudio on Etsy)

3. Viewmaster Invite: It’s surprisingly affordable to get a custom Viewmaster made for your wedding invite. This couple featured photos from a road trip. (via Melangerie Inc. on Etsy)

4. DIY Decoder Save the Dates: You need 3D glasses to view this invite. Amazing! (via Ruffled Blog)

5. Baby Shower Snow Globe Invites: How cute are these snow globes? Yet another use for our trusty gold animal toys! (via Gahan Girls)

6. Pop-Up Wedding Invitation: For a dreamy play on the pop-up, create this handmade silhouette of you and your darling dancing. (via Little Green Box)

7. Balloon Invitations: Definitely one of our favorites, event details are revealed when you blow up the balloon! (via Under Consideration)

8. Handkerchief Map Invitation: These handkerchief maps, dubbed “handkermaps,” were created especially for this event, and feature directions as well as fun sites en route to the wedding. (via Kelli Anderson)

9. Tiny Airmail Wedding Invitations: In love with all things miniature? Who knew you could send such teeny tiny mail? (via Leafcutter Designs)

10. Fortune Teller Wedding Invitation: Go old school and create a play on a fortune teller for your invite. (via onelittlem on Etsy)

11. Pop-Up Baby Shower Invitation: Another pop-up, for a mom who’s about to pop! :) (via Edyta Szyszlo)

12. Tea Party Invitation: Love the simplicity of this tea time invite. (vis Sugar Lander)

13. Twine Baby Shower Invitation: Use string to personalize your invitation and add a bit of cursive flair. (via Simply Bloom Photography)

14. Paper Record Sleeve: This has hipster written all over it, in the best way possible. All this invite needs is a mustache! (via ElloThere on Etsy)

15. Film Roll Canister Invites: For a pair of shutterbugs, follow this easy DIY on how to make your own film roll invite. (via Photojojo)

16. The Great Adventure!: Love adventures and general scouting? We adore this scout-inspired invitation. (via The Hungry Workshop)

17. Tie the Knot Wedding Suite: Okay, this is definitely on the cheesy side… but we love the play on the knot. (via onelittlem on Etsy)

18. Wild at Heart: More party animals! (via Angela and Ithyle)

19. Fabric Wrap: Add a handkerchief or tea towel around your invite to create a warm and inviting wedding package. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

20. Vintage Movie Poster: For folks who like things on the more theatrical side, go for a vintage movie poster. (via The Nic Studio)

21. Space Invader Invitation: Nerd alert! All your base are belong to us. (via Offbeat Bride)

22. Balloon Invitation: Another balloon invite! This one has a mini balloon filled with helium that pops up when you open the package. Good for smaller events with primarily local guests. (via On Hand Modern)

23. Travel-Inspired Wedding Invitations: Run away with all of your guests in tow. We particularly like the passport-style program of weekend events. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

24. Confetti Burst Invitations: Pop goes the invite! (via Oh Happy Day)

25. No-Melt Pop Invitations: Vellum is what’s used to create these summery popsicle-themed invitations, also featured in our printables roundup. (via Martha Stewart)

Have you made, seen, or received any ridiculously creative invitations in the mail recently? Share photos with us on Instagram (@britandco) or Twitter (@brit)!