Halloween never seems to come fast enough for those of us who love the holiday. You look forward to pretty much all of the season’s festivities, from planning the perfect costume to carving out the most impressive Jack-o’-lanterns on the block. Apart from all those sugary concoctions, there’s so much to appreciate about October 31. If you’re crazy for this spooky day, throw the ultimate Halloween party this year, using these 35 creative party ideas. You can bet your guests will be in for one *scary* good treat.

bat shoes halloween party ideas

1. Bat Shoes: Click clack the night away in these super cute heels that are embellished with mini bats. Set the creatures of the night against a brightly colored pair of shoes to make them really stand out. (via Damask Love)


2. Eyeball Balloons: Complete your creepy decorations with these giant DIY eyeball balloons. You can even make miniature-sized versions with water balloons that you can attach to your walls for a 3D effect. (via Studio DIY)

smores candy halloween party ideas

3. S’mores With Candy Marshmallows: Treat your friends to this sugary concoction that’s straight out of a dentist’s nightmare. Made of black chocolate melts, graham crackers and gummy candy, this sweet snack is one any ghoul or zombie can enjoy. (via Aww, Sam)


4. Witch’s Brew Drink: Whip up this lime green drink for your guests. Garnish each glass of a “witch’s brew” or “radioactive spill” with sprinkles for a colorful punch, or drip some cranberry concentrate down the inner rim to create a creepy vampire-approved look. (via Aww, Sam)


5. Googly Eye Manicure: Your guests will be in for googly eyes galore when you flaunt this look! Get this Halloween-appropriate mani by placing mini googly eyes onto a coat of clear nail polish before it dries. (via Design Sponge)

candy corn mason jars halloween party ideas

6. Balloon-Dipped Candy Corn Jars: You can’t go wrong with these classic candy corn-inspired decorations. These simple and chic mason jars only call for white, yellow and orange balloons. Once you cut and pull the balloons over your jar, use the finished jar as a centerpiece for a flower arrangement or to hold party favor holders. (via Brit + Co)

ghost lanterns halloween party ideas

7. Honeycomb Ghosts: These might be the cutest ghostly apparitions you’ve seen yet. To make your own, simply paste black construction paper cut-outs onto white tissue paper balls. You can even make them using white paper lanterns if you plan on partying long after the sun sets. (via A Lovely Lark)

bleeding candles halloween party ideas

8. Bleeding Candles: Make these by lighting a red candle, then dripping its wax over a white candle to make it look like it’s bleeding. To complete this unsettling look, pierce the white candles with tacks or push pins. Your guests will be super creeped out — in the best way possible. (via Popsugar)

glow in the dark drink halloween party ideas

9. Glow-in-the-Dark Infected Brain Cocktail: Walking Dead fans will love this brainy cocktail. This luminescent drink is ideal for a black light party or an evening outdoor get-together, and it will surely impress your guests. (via Boulder Locavore)

washi tape drink stirrer halloween party ideas

10. Spooky Washi Tape Drink Stirrers: Washi tape drink stirrers are all you need to spruce up any cocktail. Have your guests use them as drink tags, to keep it pretty and functional. (via Brit + Co)

no carve pumpkins halloween party ideas

11. No-Carve Pumpkins: If you don’t want to deal with cleaning up pumpkin guts, create no-carve pumpkins using paint, glitter and colorful paper. For the complete how-to on these glammed-out gourds, head on over to our tutorial. (via Brit + Co)

cauldrons halloween party ideas

12. Cauldrons: As Halloween draws ever nearer, you’ll be able to find cauldrons and plastic Jack-o’-lantern containers everywhere, from your grocery store to the dollar spot at Target. Make sure to pick them up for serving whatever disturbing hors d’oeuvres you cook up. (via Sweet Designs)

candy corn shots

13. Candy Corn Jello Shots: Give the childhood sweets a grown-up twist by mixing them with alcohol in the form of these candy corn jello shots. As tasty as they are pretty, these candy corn-inspired drinks will let your guests in for a serious *treat.* (via A Beautiful Mess)

bats on wall

14. Bats on a Wall: Whether you choose to hang them from the ceiling or paste them on the walls, bat decorations are textbook when it comes to classic Halloween decor. For a modern spin, create your bat cut-outs using multicolored paper. (via Thrifty Decor Chick)

candy corn pinata

15. Candy Corn Piñata: Piñatas will *always* make a party better. Opt for this vibrant candy corn that’ll brighten up your space even before it’s time to take a whack at it. (via Brit + Co)

16. Bat Placemat: Who knew a bat could make such a great placemat? Plate this little guy with gilded accents for a chic aesthetic, or use bright colors for a casual and playful vibe.


17. Costume Award Trophies: Provide an incentive for your guests to go all-out with their costumes by awarding the very best with these awesome DIY trophies. As cool as these skeleton figurines are, spray paint anything gold and it’ll be trophy-ready with minimal effort. (via Make It & Love It)

ghost pinatas

18. Ghost Piñatas: Go with these black and white ghost piñatas to rock a fairly monochrome palette. Though simple, they’ll certainly spruce up your party decorations. (via Make and Tell)

glow in the dark bowling

19. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling: Planning on bringing the party outdoors? Make sure your guests can still play games after it gets dark with these glow-in-the-dark bowling pins made of plastic cups and glow sticks. (via She Knows)

gummy worm ice cubes

20. Gummy Worm Ice Cubes: Freeze gummy worms in ice cubes to add a fun garnish to your guests’ drinks. Pro tip: Prevent potentially watered-down drinks by substituting juice for water when filling the ice trays. (via Brit + Co)

pumpkin balloon game

21. Pop Goes the Pumpkin Game: Not only does a giant pumpkin made entirely of balloons make an excellent photo booth background, it doubles as a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Use pins or darts to pop the confetti-filled balloons for one exciting competition. (via Martha Stewart)


22. Spider Ice Cubes and Black Sugar Rimmed Glasses: Throw a few plastic spiders and water into an ice cube tray and freeze. To complete the look, rim your glasses with honey, then black sugar. Serve a clear/mostly clear beverage to show off those creepy crawly ice cubes. (via Pink Peppermint Design)

halloween wine bottles

23. Halloween Wine Bottles: Upcycle your used wine/beer bottles with the help of a little spray paint and painter’s tape. Once dry, mount them on candlestick holders or fill them up with flowers to turn them into centerpiece vases. (via Lombardo Lagniappe)


24. Halloween Mantle: If your guests will be spending any time in the living room, make sure your mantle dresses up for the holiday with festive Halloween garlands and streamers. Show off your impressive collection of carved pumpkins at the base of your fireplace and mummify your wall sconces with toilet paper. (via Bird’s Party)

spider hair pins

25. Spider Hair Pins: Having insects crawling in your hair might usually be the stuff of night terrors, but not on Halloween. You could even say that these spider hair pins are *kinda* cute. (via Delia Creates)


26. Party Invitations: You’ll really set the bar for the rest of your party with these glamorously frightful party invitations that you can make at home with just a printer, glue and red glitter. Simply download and print the free template and finish it off with a trickle of glitzy “blood.” (via Design Sponge)

mummy door

27. Mummified Door: This easy and affordable DIY door decoration doesn’t require much: Tape toilet paper across your door to give it a mummified character. Add a pair of red or black paper “eyes.” That’s it! (via East Coast Creative)

mummy relay

28. Mummy Relay: Split your gang up into at least two teams for this fun mummy-inspired activity. Armed with nothing but toilet paper, team members must try to wrap one of their teammates like a mummy, from head to toe, as quickly as possible. The first team to wrap up their mummy and have them cross the finish line wins! (via Six Cherries on Top)

photo booth props

29. Photo Booth Props: Use wooden dowels and card stock to construct creative props for your photo booth. For a touch of glam that’ll help your guests stand out, outline a few with glue and glitter. (via Celebrations)


30. Mad Science Game: Watch your guests try to guess various “specimens” in each jar. All you’ll need are free printables that you can attach to mason jars, spray painted black. (via Honest to Nod)

pumpkin favors

31. Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favors: Using orange tissue paper and green tape, wrap up a bunch of candies to create instant party favor bags. The best part is you can make them as big or small as you want — depending on what you want to include with your treats! (via One Little Project)

spider crown

32. Spider Crown: Whether you’re running a costume contest or relay race, award your champion this spider crown that’s as freaky as it is regal. Swap out the black spiders for colorful creepy crawlers if you want a varied collection. (via Delia Creates)


33. Toilet Paper Roll Candy Garland: Everyone knows black and orange are traditional Halloween hues, but trade out the traditional combo for a more variety this year. Deck out your home in colorful treats-inspired garlands to up your decor game. (via The House That Lars Built)

vampire treat bags

34. Printable Fang Treat Bags: Don’t worry — these fanged treat bags won’t suck the fun out of your party. They’ll add to it with their creative and festive design! (via Make and Tell)

witch pitch game

35. Witch Pitch Party Game: Engage your friends in a competitive game of “Witch Pitch” to see who can make the most candy corns into the cauldron. You can even make your friends eat the candy corn they miss as “punishment.” (via Chica and Jo)

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