Put candy in our cocktails? Don’t mind if we do! We’ve shown you a few ways to trick out your ice cubes with herbs and berries, but who needs that natural stuff? ;)

These are a fun, creepy, crawly way to add a playful note to any Halloween punch. For grownups, these are a great way to sweeten up a vodka soda or gin and tonic. And for kids, they’re perfect for a cauldron of punch!

 – ice cube trays

– tupperware

– silicone baking pans

– gummy worms

To make extra large ice cubes, we employed three tupperware containers and our “just a slice” silicone cake pan. We also made a batch of standard cubes with little wormy heads peaking out!

Go ahead and take a gummy worm. They’re just as yummy as you remember.

Take your worms. Place them in the ice cube tray (or baking tray).

Fill with water. Freeze.

And yes, we’ve still got our water ice balloons ready to go!

Look at those silly little worm heads!!

Pop ’em out when you’re ready to serve.

So many fun shapes and colors. Might have to try this with other gummy candies for upcoming birthdays, events, and holidays!

The slice-shaped ones are perfect for a pint glass!

The cubes are good for tequila on the rocks.

And the bowl-shaped ones are perfect for your punch bowl.

What other fun ways have you tried tricking out your ice cubes? Any awesome Halloween punch or cocktail recipes we should try out? Talk to us in the comments below.