Navdy, a new Heads-Up Display (HUD) in the works, solves one of the most pressing problems of our modern age: How can I text my friend back safely? Oh, and without getting pulled over?

With Navdy on your dashboard, you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. It’s a device that displays directions, texts, emails and other information on a screen that looks like it’s floating on your windshield. To respond to messages, you can use voice controls (“Compose new tweet!”) or wave your hands in the air to answer calls or dismiss notifications.

The display works “like magic” and essentially turns your windshield into a transparent screen — providing crucial information (like a map or a service engine notification) in a non-distracting manner. It also works like an extension of your iPhone or Android device, so that means no additional monthly fees and no need to wait years ’til you can update to a smart car equipped with connected bells ‘n’ whistles like Apple’s CarPlay.

When you aren’t updating your BFF as you round the block, Navdy also provides really handy navigation tools, allowing drivers to see the route they’re taking while they are driving. The navigation does not disappear when your mom calls, making it much better than fumbling around on your ringing iPhone and risking injury to yourself or other passengers on the road.

Navdy is slated for an early 2015 release, but pre-orders are available right now at a 40% discount (at least until September). The discounted price is $299 (normally $499), which is less than the cost of two tickets for texting and driving… Take it for a test drive in the video below!

What would you use Navdy for? How do you communicate while driving? Let us know below!