If you鈥檝e had a baby for 鈥 I don鈥檛 know 鈥 more than 72 hours, you have more than likely experienced the 鈥渨itching hour.鈥澛營t鈥檚 the period between about 5pm and midnight where you聽will do just about ANYTHING to calm your crying baby and get them to sleep.

That鈥檚 where the magic of swaddling comes in. Swaddling makes it easier for newborns to transition from the womb, which not only helps your baby get more sleep but also may save your sanity. Scroll on for five swaddle blankets that will help soothe even the fussiest baby.

Ollie Swaddle

1. The Ollie World Ollie Swaddle ($59): It might look like your average swaddle, but don鈥檛 be fooled. This little swatch of genius has just the right amount of stretch and is made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep your little one cool. The Velcro is substantial enough to keep even the wiggliest babies secure, but allows the fit to be customized for various needs and sizes. Created by a single foster mom caring for an infant that was labeled 鈥渇ailure to thrive,鈥 the Ollie Swaddle has proven to deliver a host of therapeutic benefits. (via Ollie Swaddle)

Aden and Anais Swaddle

2. aden聽+聽anais Classic Muslin Swaddle ($14+): Not every baby will take to being bound by Velcro fasteners, so the aden聽+ anais Classic Muslin Swaddles are a great alternative. The best part is these incredibly soft blankets have a ton of different uses, so you鈥檒l definitely get your monies worth. Use it as a nursing cover, burp cloth, car seat cover or even as a cloth diaper if you find yourself in a pinch! (via aden + anais)

Woombie Air Swaddle

3. Woombie Air ($28): Rather than having to master the art of origami or scratchy Velcro fasteners, the Woombie Air features a convenient two-way zipper that makes diaper changing a breeze. With just the right amount of stretch and ventilation, this swaddle is perfect for all four seasons.聽Yes, we know this swaddle bears an uncanny resemblance to a straight jacket, but when it comes to mothering, who cares, as long as it works. (via Woombie聽Air)

Halo Swaddle Sleepsack

4. HALO SleepSack Swaddle ($29+) The Halo swaddle combines a zippered pouch with Velcro wings to eliminate any chance of user error when it comes to swaddling. How much more secure can you get? As your little one grows, you can leave their arms out and use this one as a wearable sleep sack to extend its life. (via HALO)

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

5. Baby Merlin鈥檚 Magic Sleepsuit ($40): Okay, so it鈥檚 not a swaddle, but 鈥 just like the name says 鈥 this thing is pure magic. When your baby starts to roll, swaddling is no longer an option. But after months of being cozily bundled up, transitioning them is more practical than going cold turkey. That鈥檚 where this sleepsuit comes in. Baby Merlin鈥檚 Magic Sleepsuit will turn your baby into a mini Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. More importantly, it will give them the freedom to move their arms and legs while still enjoying the same warm, fuzzy feeling that came from being swaddled. (via Baby Merlin)

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