Halloween is around the corner (eek!), and it might be your little one鈥檚 first, so why not go all out when it comes to their baby costume. Maybe he or she鈥檚 a wee bit young for candies and gummies, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you have to sidestep dressing up your kiddo to show 鈥檈m off during trick-or-treat time. And, let鈥檚 face it: Anything miniaturized is freakin鈥 adorable. Here are 41 of the sweetest and most creative infant Halloween costumes to either DIY or buy for your baby this spooky season.

1. DIY We Can Do It!: Rosie the Riveter may just be the most iconic symbol of the women鈥檚 movement, so why not give your little one a jump-start on creative female empowerment! (via Brit + Co)

2. Baby Shark: Sun-worshippers should consider dressing their beach babes as sharks. Join in on the fun with DIY surfer and lifeguard costumes in adult sizes to match. (via IMG Fave)

3. DIY Finding Dory: Baby Dory has huge pink-colored eyes, so this is a must for her costume. Use felt to create the eyes and hot glue onto the front of the onesie. (via Brit + Co)

4. DIY BB8: For all the Star Wars fan, with love. (via Brit + Co)


5. DIY Owl Costume: WHOOO doesn鈥檛 love a cute owl costume? The soft felt mask, felt feathers, and wings are all super easy to cut out and assemble for maximum cuteness. (via Lifeflix)

6. DIY Khaleesi: Before she was the Mother of Dragons, she was just a li鈥檒 BB of dragons. (via Brit + Co)

7. DIY Curious George and The Woman in the Yellow Hat: That monkey suit? COME ON. It鈥檚 too good. (via Brit + Co)

8. Baby聽Harry Potter: Baby Harry is the obvious choice for Potterheads. A pair micro-glasses, an itty-bitty wand, and an infant-sized scarf in Gryffindor鈥檚 colors go together like magic. (via Shannon Leigh Studios)

9. Greenberry Kids Lulu Dinosaur聽Jumpsuit ($43): A dino-riffic onesie is a super-easy Halloween choice, in dusty pink with navy spikes. Heck, it鈥檚 so cute 鈥 use it year 鈥檙ound.

10. Chipotle Burrito Baby: This Chipotle costume went viral across the pond, so bringing the trend back stateside is obvi a good idea. Your little burrito will look absolutely scrumptious. (via Mirror)

11. DIY Yayoi Kusama: Avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama is a personal hero of ours, and it goes beyond a love of patterns and polka dots. (via Brit + Co)

12. Baby Dobby from聽Harry Potter: Yes, please. We鈥檙e dying to see photos of your little house elves this Halloween. (via Random Tuesdays)

13. Whimsy Lane Boutique Baby Candy Corn Hat ($25): Don鈥檛 miss out on the photo-op of the year by dressing your newborn as this perfectly-themed Halloween treat. It鈥檚 the sweetest costume out there.

14. DIY Hillary Clinton: A rabble-rouser from the start, Hillary鈥檚 got First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, *and* first female presidential candidate on her resume, and that鈥檚 just the recent stuff. (via Brit + Co)

15. The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar: A knit bunting costume is one of the best ways to dress up your newborn on Halloween night. Simply swaddle them into submission in this classic children鈥檚 costume. (via Halloween Costumes)

16. Baby Butterfly: What better way to dress up your little girl than with a pom-pom headband and glittery wings? This butterfly costume is a guaranteed winner. (via Danny and Jess)

17. Oogie-Boogie Baby from聽The Nightmare Before Christmas: There are no words to describe the simple perfection of this knit wonder. Your babe will be terrifyingly cute as the classic Halloween monster. (via Costume-Works)


18. The Abominable Snowman ($65): There鈥檚 seriously nothing abominable about this snowman. It鈥檚 way more aww-inducing than fear-inducing. I鈥檒l be he鈥檚 cute even when he cries.


19. Princess + Toad: This mom and baby costume is a video game combo that will make any Mario-lover happy. Coordinate your costume with your kiddo as Princess and Toad to take your Halloween game a level up ;) (via Brit + Co)

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20. Stroller Blackjack Dealer: This ingenious stroller costume will make trick-or-treating a breeze. Just make sure you glue all the pieces down beforehand so there鈥檚 no danger of anything falling off. (via Rookie Moms)


21. Udder-ly Adorable Cow: The easy DIY is also hilarious 鈥 all you need is a onesie, a beanie, and some felt. Oh, and some baby bottle nipples! (Insert laughing 鈥檛il crying face emoji here.) (via Make It & Love It)


22. Sriracha + Taco: Hot sauce and Mexican food are a match made in heaven, and so is this costume duo for you and your youngster. Seriously, how cute is that little taco? (via Brit + Co)


23. Baby Wolfman ($27): There鈥檚 something so cute about a baby in a 鈥渟cary鈥 costume. Your baby wolfman will make people howl with glee.


24. Eric Carle鈥檚 The Very Hungry Caterpillar ($30): Who DOESN鈥橳 love the classic Eric Carle book The Very Hungry Caterpillar? This cozy bunting will keep your baby snug while you鈥檙e strolling around the neighborhood.


25. Twin聽Top Gun Pilots: This red flyer wagon Top Gun makeover and baby Maverick and Goose combo is guaranteed to win you all the costume prizes. Hands down, best twins costume ever. (via Jessyo77)


26. Where the Wild Things Are: This costume set is a DIY + buy combo. You can purchase your baby鈥檚 Max costume ($34) and DIY your own with some distressed leggings, a striped tee, a homemade tail, and horns. (via Brit + Co)


27. Baby Kangaroo + Joey ($30): This sweet kangaroo and baby joey costume is perfect for all those super bouncy children out there.

28. DIY Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Baby RBG is giggly, smiley, and a Supreme Court #girlboss. (via Brit + Co)


29. Rocket Ship Bunting ($50): This rocket ship bunting isn鈥檛 just warm 鈥 it鈥檚 also OUT OF THIS WORLD. It looks so cozy, your little one will probably sleep right through Halloween. No complaints there.


30. DIY Cabbage Patch Dolls: For women whose inner five-year-old wants a Cabbage Patch Doll (guilty), this costume is like your childhood dream come to life. How about American Girl doll costumes for when they鈥檙e toddlers? (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

31. DIY Suffragette: These OG feminists fought for our right to vote. Hell to the YES. To recreate this late 19th-century look, you鈥檒l need a bonnet, a simple white dress, and a DIY 鈥淰otes for Women鈥 sash. via Brit + Co)


32. Little Mononichi Monkey: This adorable getup will have the whole neighborhood going squee. (via Costume Works)


33. Rainbow Bright鈥榮 Twink: Moms, here鈥檚 another costume that will fulfill some childhood dreams. This Rainbow Bright character repurposes a pre-packaged pumpkin costume for creative cuteness. (via Pink Suede Shoe)


34. Baby Peacock ($50): Your little peacock will be an absolute showstopper in this sweet, jewel-toned costume. Add some leggings for max warmth during this chillier fall season.

35. DIY Handmaid鈥檚 Tale: Hailed as a feminist work since its publication in 1985, Margaret Atwood鈥檚 novel The Handmaid鈥檚 Tale makes for a slightly dark, dystopian costume option for your feminist tot. (via Brit + Co)


36. Easy DIY Little Flower: Here鈥檚 another super easy DIY involving some felt, a white onesie, a stretchy headband, and a big faux flower. Your little one will look positively blooming. (via Your Wish Cake)

37. DIY Malala聽Yousafzai: Barely 20 years old, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai is a widely loved and globally respected activist, focused specifically on the right to education. Honor her work and outfit your tiny one in her image. (via Brit + Co)


38. Magical Unicorn ($30): Yes, we know you think your baby is a unicorn 鈥 and this costume is the perfect way to show it.


39. DIY Colorful Fish: This clever DIY turns a sleeping gown into a squee-worthy fish costume, complete with felt scales, a headband, and a styrofoam ball cut in half for bulgy fish eyes. Consider using scales on the bottom half and leaving out the eyes for a mermaid costume. (via See Vanessa Craft)


40. Baby Gumball Machine: Stop. Everything. This baby gumball machine might be the cutest DIY we鈥檝e ever seen 鈥 and it鈥檚 so easy to make. You鈥檒l need felt for the 25 cent sign, a pilot cap, black pants, a red top, and LOTS of pom-poms. (via Costume Works)

41. DIY Amelia Earhart: The first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart鈥檚 life is full of inspiration for your little adventurer. Plus, dressing your wee one up as this bold babe involves the cutest baby aviator hat and goggles you ever did see! (via Brit + Co)

(Additional reporting by Jessica Ourisman and Anjelika Temple)

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