Oh Kickstarter, how we love thee. From the Pebble to Honey Badger Hot Sauce, we are always trolling around Kickstarter for the next big fashion, design, food, tech, or photography thing. But sometimes there are many things, and they all make us look. Here are 5 of our favorite recent Kickstarter sleepers.

1. Clip Tree: Is that corner of your bureau not quite cutting it for keeping track of your cell phone, keys, wallet, hair clips, gym lock, and umbrella. Clip Tree to the rescue! This simple product easily holds all of your essentials, and fits in just about any home. You can even use it to organize bathroom essentials, jewelry, and more. We love it!

2. Impress Coffee Brewer: You know we love us a coffee innovation. This one is perfect for people who are truly on the go. It lets you make one cup of coffee while you commute. Simply fill it up, and in the 3 minutes it takes you to walk to the train, you’ve got a cup of joe.

3. Geode: Digital picture frames tend to be kind of a snoozefest. A couple months ago we found a few that are passable like the Instacube, but are still on the hunt for something more. The Geode definitely has an ’80s vibe to it with it’s glowing presence, but is a fun new way to share images. Could even work as a playful night light if you’ve got youngsters at home.

4. Ostrich Pillow: Get it? Sleeper?! Muhahaha. We wrote about this pillow concept many moons ago in our quirky desk accessories roundup, and now it’s available for all! For $75 you can snag one of these on-table nap chambers by pledging on Kickstarter. Just 7 days to go!

5. The Holdster: You’ve likely seen this kicking around the interwebs. It is yet another mason jar accoutrements, and we’re on board (though we will probably try to DIY it up). It’s particularly perfect for a hot cup of tea or coffee, and definitely has a manly side.

What goodness have you discovered recently thanks to Kickstarter? Tell us in the comments below!