The work week sometimes seems to go on forever, and for good reason! You probably sit at your desk 40+ hours each week — so why not make it fun? Try one of these cute, quirky desk accessories that are sure to keep your space lively, even during the longest of weeks.

1. Drinklip Cup Holder ($6): This handy accessory clips onto your desk, table, or any other work surface creating a place for you to rest your glass of water or cup of latte without fear that you'll knock it over and spill all over your computer's keyboard.

2. Desktop Zen Garden ($50): Add some meditiation to your day with this desktop zen garden, filled with black sand. Take a calming break and draw your own patterns with the included rake, or use it as smart supply storage: included rocks function as a pen holder, business card holder, and paper clip magnet.

3. Staple-free Stapler ($9): No more pinchy, annoying staples! This bright orange accessory punches a tiny tab in up to five sheets of paper to keep them together, eliminating the need to refill a traditional, clunky stapler.

4. Decision Paperweight ($15): Can't make that decision? Not to worry, this useful paperweight will do it for you — just spin it for an answer. Options include, "sit on it," "tomorrow," and "maybe," with a few more decisive answers thrown in for good measure.

5. Jumbo Sticky Notes ($11): Just as effective as their smaller cousins, this pad of 12-inch square sticky notes allows for a lot more content on one piece of paper. They're as useful as they are unexpected.

6. Inanimate Character Stickers ($5): These silly stickers (two sheets per pack) allow you to give personality to any object on your desk (or in your fridge, or on a shelf…).

7. Left and Right Bookends ($40/each): 2012 is an election year, so celebrate it with these useful critters. No matter which way you lean, they're sure to put a smile on your face. Just remember: donkey on the left, elephant on the right!

8. PowerCurl Cord Manager ($13): Part quirky, part colorful, and 100 percent useful, this cord manager is specifically designed for a Mac power cord. Use it to transport your cord or even when it's plugged into the wall to manage a long wire.

9. Deskshell: Sadly not for sale (yet!), the Deskshell provides a private and isolated working area no matter where you are. They're made to stack for easy storage, and look super-funky on top of any table or desk.

10. Ostrich Pocket Pillow: What would a quirky workspace roundup be without the Ostrich nap pillow? It's hilarious, portable, and completely useful. It, too, is just in concept form, but we could really see these catching on, especially in bright offices with long hours.

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