We love fun and innovative decor ideas, but we tend to want to change up the look of our space a lot. That’s part of the reason that we fell in love with wall decals: They’re fun, design-y, and easy to switch up for a new look and feel.

Because we’re lucky enough to have a lot of windows here at Brit HQ, we wanted to find something similar to add some personality to that part of our space. So we’ve scoured the web for coolest and prettiest window decals and we’re bringing you our top 5.

1. HEX6AGON ($ varies): These decals are like easy, modern stained glass windows. The six-sided pieces act as tiles with which you can create your own cool design. Because this is a Kickstarter project, the amount you pledge determines the number and size of HEX6AGON pieces you get: $15 gets you a pretty good size pack.

2. Potted Plants ($15): Do you lack a green thumb, but love the idea of potted plants on your window sill? Well, now you can have all the foliage with none of the fuss. We love these for brightening up amodern kitchen.

3. Bird Cages ($14): Bring wildlife to your urban space with these elegant and sweet bird cage decals. The muted tones would look good with virtually any color scheme.

4. Balloons ($15): These fun balloon decals are the perfect way to get your celebration on. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, or just want to add some festivities to a normal day, these are the whimsical solution to your decor search.

5. Red Tulips ($15): If the impending cold weather is bumming you out already, snag these to brighten up your space. It’s always springtime with vibrant red tulips smiling at you from your windows!

How do you add a personal touch to your windows? Which of these decals are you loving? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.