Design, quirk, and geekery, these are a few of our favorite things… We’ve come across a lot of cool ways to deck out wall decor in our day, but Puxxle is particularly drool-worthy. It combines our love for pixelated products with our love for artsy things to put up on our walls.

The images are built using 2x2cm vinyl adhesive pieces which are stuck directly on the wall. Peel and stick: it’s that easy! And Puxxle isn’t limited to walls… you can stick it to mirrors, windows, plastic, and metal. You can even put them outside; the high quality vinyl should last 3-4 years.

They’ve got a little something for everyone. We’re crushing on their “Tribute” collection, dedicated to people worth admiring. With real-life heroes decked out in their pixelated finest, Puxxle can lend some inspiration to the walls. For the artist, how about painting with Frida Kahlo? If you’re looking for wisdom, maybe Einstein can rub off on you. If you’re into horror, you can try watching TV or writing scripts with Alfred Hitchcock. And when you’re looking to get surreal, Salvador Dali can do the trick.

Because they’re made of small, individual squares, you can totally make your own design if none of the ones on the website suit you or your space perfectly. And if you get sick of it? Puxxle says that the decals are easily removable and shouldn’t damage your walls.

Did we mention some of the decals glow in the dark? Yes, this does just bring our design crush to the next level… We love us some glow-in-the-dark goodness ;)

Which piece of pixel-y wall art is the perfect fit for your space? Are you itching to get your hands on the decals to design your own? Talk to us in the comments below or let us know over on Twitter.