We love showing you cool ways to add color to different things in your home. Whether it's a pop of neon and glitter on your gardening tools, glow in the dark wallpaper, or how to make LED Party Balloons, color is where it's at at Brit & Co.

But how do we really get our color on at Brit HQ? Well, our walls recently received a pretty sweet makeover with help from super fun removable wall graphics by Blik, artfully applied by Misty Spinney, who happens to double as a decal diva. ;)

Blik has an endless supply of playful, beautiful, and design-y graphics that make it easy for anyone to customize their walls without hiring an artist and busting out cans and cans of paint, primer, and painter's tape.

These decals are perfect for offices, apartments, rental homes, and just about anywhere you think you might want to change things up easily. If you're bored of your current batch of Blik graphics, simply peel 'em off and order a new batch!

Need to last minute decorate for a party and don't have time to design and paint a mural? Boom. Blik to the rescue! For our workspace, we ordered a whole collection of dots, lamps, 8-bit sprites, and antique furniture.

These adorable Workshop Lamps ($22) totally remind us of Wall-E. Each Blik decal set comes with simple instructions, but the quick how-to is: Use the Blik decal tool to secure the decal onto the application paper. Tape up your plan so you know where you're going. Attach to the wall. Unpeel!

Don't you think this orange number looks right at home alongside a little PHP?

Now, time to get dotty. We put the Dots ($40 for 16) along the perimeter of our main workspace. As you can see, we threw a few 8-bit Sprites in the mix as well. We love our hackery.

And 8-Bit Sprites ($40 for 20) floating up the stairs to our recently organized craft room.

Next, we've got our Classical Furniture Must-Haves ($55 for the set).

Don't you love the DIY candles we added to our candelabra?

For the potted plants, we hacked a few extra dot decals into two vase + plant combos. And added a few black candles to our candelabra.

A little fake greenery is always a good thing. ;)

Have you tried any other cool wall decal companies? How do you decorate your workspace or home office? We'd love to see photos. Leave us a note and/or link in the comments below, or send photos our way on Twitter or Facebook. We'll post our faves on the Brit blog.