Hangovers suck. They can be so debilitating sometimes that even walking down the block might seem impossible. Never fear, 7-Eleven is here. In early summer, we learned that 7-Eleven was partnering with Postmates (you know, the company that delivers your Chipotle) to drop goodies at your door including snacks, drinks and household products. The convenience store chain is taking this dream a step further and teaming up with DoorDash to deliver “convenience packs” catered to all your life’s needs, from a hangover to a date night. For a small delivery fee ($2.99 for orders under $100 in New York), convenience can be yours.

Currently, 7-Eleven is only offering this service in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, but it has plans to expand to Washington, D.C. and Boston, too. Here’s a rundown of the current packages offered, according to DoorDash’s website.

1. Hangover Pack ($15): You can fill up on electrolytes, greasy food and headache medicine with the Hangover Pack. It includes extra-strength acetaminophen; Gatorade; a large pepperoni pizza; and a sausage, egg and cheese croissant.

2. Date Night Pack ($20): If your all-night booze fest resulted in getting someone’s number, you can prepare for date night with a package including Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a Hershey bar, Red Bull, Trident gum and Trojan condoms.

3. Endurance Pack ($10): All that socializing is exhausting. Luckily there’s the Endurance Pack that offers a choice of energy drink, as well as a Clif bar and 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength shot.

4. Gameday Pack ($25): Split the cost of a the Gameday Pack with friends and enjoy a 10-pack of buffalo wings, a bottle of Coke, Doritos, a large pepperoni pizza and Tostitos. You’ll never miss a second of the game now.

5. The Sniffles Pack ($20): The Sniffles Pack is sure to be a hit in winter — it comes with allergy pills, cold and flu medication, ibuprofen, tissues and Gatorade.

You may never have to step foot outside of your house again!

Do you plan on buying “convenience packs” from 7-Eleven? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via 7-Eleven Corporate + Doordash + Jonathan Leibson Stringer/Getty)