Remember 8 Minute Abs? We, too, loved the idea of fitting in a quicky core workout anytime we had some time to spare on our spare tire. Then, The New York Times shaved 60 seconds off with the scientifically proven-to-really-no-really-work 7 Minute Workout. And now, there’s an app for all that: Quick Fit 7 Minute Workout.

The app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. No, seriously. Open up 7 Minute Workout and there’s a buff little man in there that will show and talk you through each push up, plank and lunge without ever asking you to pick up a piece of equipment. That means you can workout at home in your scrunched, studio apartment while you’re watching Netflix, in the hotel while you’re traveling, maybe even in the break room at work.

Track your weight and workout goals right on the app and stay motivated by unlocking achievements and reading Pinterest-worthy quotes.

And that ab workout? There’s a 7 Minute Quick Abs plan in the latest version, no VHS required, plus the promise of more workouts in the future. There’s a limited time launch sale of $0.99 on the app right now, so get crunchin’! And if you’re iPhone-less, they’ll hook you up on their website with a free workout.

What’s your favorite workout app or at-home workout secret? Share in the comments below!