So you’ve got your fitness apps and your gorgeous new sports bras. Now what? You may be ready and raring to get fit, but you need some equipment first. We’ve pulled together a list of great products to get your workouts going at home. Small space? No problem, we’ve found some apartment friendly options too! So get ready. And get to it!

1. Rowing Machine ($141): This affordable rowing machine is a great way to get your whole body into shape. So pop in those headphones and bury those imaginary blades!

2. Beginners Yoga Kit ($27): Few can escape the relaxing allure of yoga, and why should you have to? This starter kit comes with a mat, a block, a strap, and two workouts!

3. Polar Heart Rate Monitor ($65): Already on top of your home workout routine but want to step it up a notch? Try tracking your heart rate.

4. Treadmill Desk ($480): We’ve shown you this treadmill desk before and what a great way to squeeze a workout in midday. Not to mention, this is an excellent way to avoid back pain from your heinous office chair.

5. Jillian Michaels Body Revolution ($90): Is one fitness disc simply not enough? This multi-disc set has several phases to cycle through to get you into tip-top shape.

6. Fitbit Aria Scale ($130): Nothing is quite as motivating as seeing your weight and BMI drop. Step on this scale, and it wirelessly updates your Fitbit app with your progress. Magic.

7. Under Armour Fitness Monitor ($100): This fitness monitor not only stores your workout data, it calculates your dedication to your run! And if it gets us abs like the ones pictured here, sign us up.

8. Total Body Balance Ball Kit ($18): One balance ball can open up a lot of different strength and toning exercises. This kit has everything you need to get started. Bonus: It doubles as a playground when your niece and nephew stop by for an impromptu visit.

9. Universal Kettlebell Kit ($89): From the country hosting the winter Olympics this year (that’s Russia for the uninformed), kettlebells make for some of the best resistance training you’ll find. They don’t work quite like regular weights so start at a bit lighter weight than you normally would.

10. Samsung Smart TV ($2, 900): What used to be the companion of couch potatoes is now appealing to the more active set. This Smart TV not only offers 3D options, it also comes fully loaded with fitness videos!

11. Nike + iPod Sensor ($19): This totally affordable, totally discreet little sensor helps track and make your run far more fun via your phone!

12. Supernova Glide Boost Sneakers ($130): These shoes have been described as “bouncy.” They’ll put a little more oomph in your stride and help you run on your treadmill a little bit longer.

13. Neptune Underwater MP3 Player ($135): Calling all avid swimmers who are lucky enough to have a pool in your apartment building. You too can listen to your favorite tunes even while underwater!

14. Underfuse ($10): These iron-on pockets have appeared on Brit + Co. before, and we’re still big fans. Pop a pocket onto your favorite sports shorts and pretend you’re running off into the sunset setting outside of your living-room window.

15. Trace ($169): If your backyard is the ocean, a mountain, or a skatepark… LUCKY! This extra tough little activity tracker is the thing for all your surfing, snowboarding, and skating needs.

16. Folding Recumbent Bike ($149): Apartment dwellers this bike’s for you! This sturdy little recumbent bike is low-impact and folds up when you’re done. No ugly equipment cramping your living room’s style here.

17. Ab Carver Pro ($40): Working on that six (or two) pack just got easier. This nifty product requires minimum space and upkeep but provides big results.

18. Manual Fold-Up Treadmill ($136): Yes, treadmills can fold up too! This manual treadmill is entirely people-powered and lets you go as fast or slow as you’d like.

19. Stamina in Motion Elliptical Trainer ($120): Let’s face it, ellipticals are the first machines to fill up at the gym. But now you can avoid the mad rush and use this tiny but effective version at home. And look, mom! No hands!

20. Fitness for xBox One (Free): This free fitness download turns your xBox One into an in-depth workout helper. And it case you didn’t catch that, again, it’s free.

21. Zumba Body Sculpting System set ($65): Maybe you’d like something that’s a little more fun. Zumba let’s you dance into shape. Work it, girl.

22. Magnetic Bike Trainer ($160): This bike trainer will let you use your beloved fixie indoors too. Just set it up and let the magnetic resistance kick you into shape.

23. Wii U Fit: ($50): Wii Fit U will let you track your activity in front of and away from your Wii! Just pop on a Fit Meter and head out the door.

24. Tinke ($83): Besides having a totally adorable name, Tinke gives you a snapshot of your daily health. Simply plug it into your phone, place your finger on the reader, and get real-time info on your respiratory health and blood oxygen rate.

25. Umoro One ($29): If you like supplements like whey powder in your post-workout drinks, you may end up falling in love this water bottle. Press a button and your whey powder drops into your drink. Simply shake and you’re ready to cool down.

26. Sensoria Socks Bundle ($199): Care to know more about how your feet work? These smart socks will make your run far more efficiently by measuring how and when your feet meet the conveyor belt.

Do you have a favorite workout product? Let us know in the comments!