After all that’s gone down since the 2016 election, and the history-making wave of women running in the 2018 midterm elections, there’s a lot of hype about a woman finally taking on the Oval Office. Of course, the media has been speculating over runs for Oprah and Michelle Obama, but it doesn’t look like either of them are going to go for it. And while some of us would love to see a run by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who’s been taking DC (and Instagram) by storm, she’ll be too young in 2020 to assume the position.

But there are some other big contenders for the job out there: Here are the badass women we’d love to see hitting the campaign trail soon.

1. Stacey Abrams: You know her from her steadfast campaign for Georgia governor, which included Oprah knocking on doors to endorse her candidacy, and her determined refusal to concede due to voter suppression in the state. When asked about her next move, Abrams didn’t rule out a presidential run; she’s keeping all her options open, including the Senate race of 2020 and the 2022 Georgia governor’s race. First and foremost, she’s trying to champion voting rights in Georgia before she takes on the nation, but the future is wide open for her.

2. Kamala Harris: Though she’s relatively new to the Senate, elected in 2016, Harris has proven her strength and grit, standing up for herself and refusing to be silenced on the Senate floor by challengers like Jeff Sessions. Before she was a senator, she was a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights as Attorney General of California. She’s being called out as one of the possible Democratic frontrunners in the 2020 election, and though she acknowledges how difficult her boundary-breaking campaign would be, she’s admitted that she plans to make a final decision with her family over this holiday season.

3. Kirsten Gillibrand: The former US Representative who filled Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat in 2009 could potentially follow in Clinton’s footsteps once again with a presidential run. This progressive is known for being a firm supporter of sexual assault survivors and abolishing ICE, and when asked by Stephen Colbert recently if she’d run, she revealed that she’d consider it.

“I believe that every one of us should figure out what we can do with our time and talents to restore that moral decency…that truth of who we are as Americans, so I will promise I will give it a long, hard thought of consideration,” Gillibrand said.

4. Amy Klobuchar: This could be the first time you’re hearing her name, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be the last. The senator from Minnesota hasn’t confirmed a 2020 bid, but has told the media that she’s thinking about it, and touting her success in the Midwest and across party lines as a major factor in her candidacy.

5. Elizabeth Warren: The formidable Massachusetts senator has already proven that she won’t back down — she’s basically the reason the phrase “nevertheless, she persisted” was coined and meme-ified, after she refused to stop reading a letter from Coretta Scott King on the Senate floor. Warren, a progressive Democrat, has been highly critical of the current administration and is looking like a very possible candidate in 2020.

“It’s time for women to go to Washington and fix our broken government, and that includes a woman at the top. So here’s what I promise: After November 6, I will take a hard look at running for president,” she was quoted as saying in response to the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings.

6. Tammy Duckworth: Since she’s already accustomed to making history, between being the first senator to give birth while in office and the first one to bring her newborn child on the Senate floor, Duckworth can definitely handle shaking things up further. Not to mention, she served in the US Army for 23 years and, resulting from combat-related injuries, became the first disabled woman in Congress in 2012. Will she go for it in 2020? There has been talk, though she hasn’t stated anything publicly, but the Iraq veteran has already shown us that she’s capable of anything.

7. Tulsi Gabbard: The Congresswoman from Hawaii, who is also an Iraq War veteran (she left her post on the Hawaii state legislature in 2004 to serve in the US Coast Guard), might declare candidacy, according to news sources in Hawaii, but she hasn’t confirmed anything yet, just that she’s focusing on her state of Hawaii, where she is a voice for veterans and those currently serving in the US military.

8. Marianne Williamson: It’s been tossed around that the New Age author and well-known friend of stars like Oprah, who has published multiple books on spirituality, is going to be a candidate in 2020. She did previously run for office in 2014, as an independent candidate for a congressional seat in California, but hasn’t run since.

“We had a miracle in this country in 1776 and we need another one,” Williamson said in an announcement that she’s exploring candidacy. “It’s going to be a co-creative effort, an effort of love and a gift of love, to our country and hopefully to our world,” she said about her run. The author’s declaration shows that it can be absolutely anyone’s game.

(Photos by Jessica McGowan, Chip Somodevila, Mark Wilson, and Win McNamee / Getty Images)