Life tends to get a bit overwhelming, even for the most well-adjusted adult. Nobody understands that better than Abbey Johnston and Anne Pageau. These two are serious #girlbosses, with Abbey running her own leadership and consulting business, while Anne is a graphic designer with her own line of flasks. Both are familiar with stress.

Together, they have created something to help adults unwind… and no, we’re not talking about something alcoholic. We are talking about coloring books. Now, we know what you are thinking… maybe something along the lines of “I am too old to color.” Well, we, Abbey and Anne are here to say that type of thinking is wrong (in fact, our own Associate Editor Cortney Clift colored for an entire week and is here to tell you that it’s legit). And it’s getting even more legit since Abbey and Anne have given the children’s classic an adult makeover.

Aptly named Escape Artists, these modern coloring books “aim to help adults reclaim this as an artistic form of escape.” And really, coloring books for adults totally make sense; we mean, aside from keeping children occupied, they have been known to soothe souls.

Differing from the books from your childhood, Escape Artists features geometric designs and intricate patterns perfect for coloring.

The books feature 36 pages of coloring opportunities and are notebook sized for easy portability. It has a hard cover, perforated pages and a spiral binding.

Sounds perfect, right? Of course it does. There is just one catch: These books do not exist… yet. There is a prototype ready for print, but these ladies need your help to bring their project to fruition, which is why they have started a Kickstarter campaign. With just three days left to raise funds, Abbey and Anne are less than $2,000 shy of reaching their goal of $19,500. And with 206 backers to date, it should not be that hard to get a few more to donate.

As with any campaign, there are perks to contributing to something such as this. All those who make a donation will receive five PDF versions of pages from the book. Those will be emailed and printable, allowing you to instantly use them. Which is an awesome deal, considering the lowest you can pledge is $10.

As you go up in monetary increments, the perks just keep getting better. Depending on the amount you donate, you will receive the PDF pages, multiple hardcover copies of the coloring book, packets of Escape Artist temporary tattoos and three limited edition coloring pages, which is a total deal.

Overly anxious, stressed or just need to slow things down a bit? Just open the book and choose one of the geometric shaped designs and let your imagination run wild.

Know some of your friends who share similar stresses or anxieties? Then have a coloring party, because there is nothing better than being surrounded by friends, food and coloring books.

Would you use one of these coloring books to help relieve stress? Leave your opinion in our comments below.