This adult coloring book, Coloring for Grown-Ups by POYKPAC, will help you joyfully mock the real-life woes of adulthood. Whether your problem is differentiating hipsters from the homeless or considering your first mortgage, this coloring book may be the cognitive break you need. Because, really, is there anything in adult life that can’t be solved by expressing ourselves creatively? Well… maybe ice cream can do it too. Yeah, if we’re remember childhood correctly, soft-serve and coloring solve everything.

Give your Netflix account a breather, and bust out some crayons, markers or colored pencils. Then argue about which coloring tool is the best coloring tool.

Ugh, this one is making us think about just how quickly we forgot those resolutions. At least we can make a game out it.

We’re hoping these Valentine’s Day cards aren’t too accurate to your present day love life. But, hey, it happens.

The Coloring Book for Grown-Ups is not only hilarious, but it’s also strangely accurate and provides us the cartoonish camaraderie we didn’t know we needed. No wonder it’s doing so well on Amazon ($8). We definitely need our own copies, especially after learning just how much coloring can up our creativity game.

What do you think needs to be in the next Coloring For Grown-Ups? Defaulted student loans? Divorce? Frenemies? Let us know in the comments.