We all have our ways of dealing with stress, but sometimes you just want to turn your mind off and unwind (Candy Crush, anyone?). It turns out that your childhood collection of Crayolas may have been on to something when it comes to dealing with those day-to-day worries. Coloring has been found to be the perfect creative outlet to shake off everyday stress. Check out these adult coloring books and get ready to unwind.


1. 鈥90s Pop Divas Coloring Book ($10): We would have totally stored this 鈥90s coloring book in our Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers. This coloring book of our dreams includes Destiny鈥檚 Child, Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears and tons more.

Adult Coloring Book Fashion Book

2. Fashion Coloring Book ($16): If fashion is more your forte, you鈥檒l die over all 96 pages of this coloring book. Act as your own designer, create your own patterns and scribble away the stress.

Adult Coloring Book Mindfulness

3. The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People ($7): If your schedule is a little tight, this book may be your new BFF. It鈥檚 pocket sized, full of intricate patterns and a great way to eliminate stress ASAP.

4. Day of the Dead Coloring Book ($8): Don鈥檛 wait until November to celebrate this colorful Mexican holiday. We love the idea of coloring in sugar skulls after a particularly trying work day.


5. Funny Ladies Coloring Book ($10): We love indulging in a good New Girl binge as much as the next gal, but when the stress waves really hit, we need to kick our creative drives into high gear. This book contains all of our favorite funny gals, from Amy Poehler to Zooey Deschanel.

Adult Coloring Book Mad Men

6. Mad Men Coloring Book ($10): If you鈥檙e still mourning the end of Mad Men, this coloring book may be your perfect rebound. Relive all of your favorite moments from the show (Betty and the neighbor鈥檚 birds, FTW) with 42 pages of black and white Mad Men goodness.

Adult Coloring Books Entwined

7. Entwined: A Coloring Book for Adults ($11): This coloring book contains 20 illustrations inspired by vintage lace and hand-painted Turkish tiles 鈥 perfect for when you just want to zone out and create your own colorful pattern.

Adult Coloring Books Midcentury Modern

8. Just Add Color:聽Mid-Century Modern Patterns ($11): If the Mad Men coloring book isn鈥檛 enough to satisfy your love for all things 鈥60s, we recommend opening a box of crayons and coloring in these pages.

Adult Coloring Book Therapy In Color

9. Therapy In Color ($25): This coloring book has been a favorite of everyone from celebrities to therapists, and for good reason. The concept is to release tension and uplift the spirit. No need to wait until you get home to crack open this coloring book; we are planning on stashing it in our work bags for unwinding emergencies.

Adult Coloring Book Benedict Cumberbatch

10. Colour Me Good: Benedict Cumberbatch ($11): If you need to pass the time between Sherlock seasons (three episodes in a season, really?!), this coloring book may be the perfect way to keep your Cumberbatch obsession alive until the next season.


11. Coloring Outside the Kitchen: Need a good dose of girl power with your art therapy? This book contains 23 line drawings of #girlbosses, from Frida Kahlo to Michelle Obama.

Adult Coloring Book Mandala

12. The Mandala Coloring Book ($12): Mandalas are universally used to promote healing and relaxation, so we need to order this book, like鈥 yesterday!

Adult Coloring Books Botanicals

13. Just Add Color: Botanicals ($11): Having trouble keeping your houseplants alive? Take advantage of your black thumb and display your colored-in botanical pages instead!

How do you color away the stress? Share in the comments!