There is something satisfying about how a spritz of good perfume is all it takes to complete your daily routine and make you feel like… well, you. Fall is the perfect time to try out natural perfumes, whether you want to prolong that summer feeling a little bit longer with orange blossom and hibiscus, or you want to try something a little spicier and more seasonal with tones of ginger and nectarine. Scroll on for 17 cruelty-free, vegan elixirs that belong on your vanity this fall.

Laromatica Big Sur Perfume

1. L’Aromatica Big Sur Natural Perfume ($30): One of our favorite Re:Make vendors, this Etsy seller captures moments and places in her roll-on scents, like the yummy Big Sur and the peppery, sexy, date night-approved vegan Animus ($64).


2. RSW005 Eau de Toilette ($55 – $185): You can find the dainty bottles of Lurk in some of the chicest shops around the country. The packaging is gorgeous, and what’s inside is just as beautiful. Lurk’s ingredients are clean, safe and often come from exotic sustainable sources.


3. Perfume Signature Scent ($118): Full of sweet and sensual tones, this perfume oil is made with vanilla, geranium, orange blossom and spice. You will feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world when you sport this intoxicating scent.

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4. Garnet Perfume Oil ($45): All of Sage’s perfume oils are named for gemstones, so you can find your birthstone or just try a few of them until you find the one you love. The rollerball size is perfect for keeping tucked away in your purse.


5. Prabhuji’s Gifts ($21): These gorgeous oils are heavenly and come with divine names like Prima, Jiva, Padma and Atma. If you’re not sure where to start, try Atma, an enlightening scent of mint, lemongrass and frankincense.


6. Providence Perfume Co. ($50): You’re bound to fall in love with these uplifting scents. Each perfume is handmade and uses real plants, flowers and fruits. The Summer Yuzu is a sweet summery aroma that totally works in the winter too.


7. White Magik ($65): Jasmine, sage, spearmint and lemon balm oil might just cast a spell on you this season. This perfume company is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to perfumes using pure, organic and vegan ingredients.


8. Rich Hippie ($145): This California-based company prides itself on using old-fashioned methods for crafting perfumes. They only use all-natural, organic wine alcohol that comes from California’s famous wine regions. But you probably shouldn’t drink it.


9. French Lilac Pacifica Beauty ($22): You’ll find a variety of natural perfume options here, including spray, roll-on and solid. The lilac scent is made in a traditional French style and conjures up feelings of summer with a blend of magnolia, heliotrope and hyacinth, with subtle notes of nectarine.


10. Pour le Monde Empower ($82): The name of this company means “For the World,” and 10 percent of net profits go toward charity. All the fragrances are meant to respond to your body chemistry, making each scent an individual experience. Empower is fresh and spirited, featuring citruses from all over the world.


11. Fiori d’Arancio by Tsi-La ($95): Tsi-La’s perfumes are designed to be layered, so you can create new scent combinations that are very “you.” If you’re looking for a scent this fall, the sparkling notes of luscious orange blossoms, tangerines, caramelized vanilla and neroli flowers make this delicate scent perfect for any event.


12. Forager Bloom ($98): Created by a graphic designer who became sensitive to artificial perfume scents while she was pregnant, this 100 percent natural perfume is a lush blend of spring blossoms and green twig. Bonus? It’s a super pretty bottle with a wooden top.


13. Olivine Atelier Bluebird Perfume Oil ($48): Bluebird is a light mix of stargazer lily, blood orange and vanilla for a scent that wears so beautifully, you won’t be able to stop smelling yourself.


14. Osmia Organics Blum ($75): Originally created as aromatherapy for those struggling with fatigue (aka everyone at some point this winter), Blum will remind you of those long summer days.


15. La Bella Figura Istanbul Perfume Oil ($90): Take a virtual vacation to somewhere warm and tropical with a spritz of this distinctive fragrance that evokes thoughts of faraway lands where the air is filled with spices, oranges, roses and saffron.


16. Kinmoxei Wild Lime Silk Oil ($48): This seriously meditative fragrance refreshes your skin, while the blend of kinmoxei flowers creates a surge of moisture that helps the scent stay on your skin all day long.


17. Divine Oil by Caudalie ($50): Caudalie’s spray oil is perfect to add a moisturizing sheen to your body, face and even hair. The blend of hibiscus and argan oils leaves skin soft and radiant, while the scent gives off subtle, sun-kissed notes, even when the skies are gray.

Have you ever tried a natural perfume? Tell us which scent sounds most like you in the comments below!