Essential oils are definitely making a comeback and with all the health benefits they provide, it’s no wonder. Along with smelling great, there are so many different ways to sneak them into your daily life. If you’re looking to swap your beauty and cleaning products for natural ones, essential oils are a great place to start. Check out these 12 essential oil DIYs that you’ll want to make over and over again.

1. Exfoliating Lemon Lip Scrub: Scrubs are so crucial for soft skin during the winter months. This lemony sugar scrub will have your lips staying kissable till spring. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

2. Laundry Bombs: Finally, that clean laundry smell on your sweater won’t be chemically produced. (via Popsugar)

3. Solid Perfume: This three-ingredient perfume will be on your gift-giving list for every birthday and major holiday this year. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Lavender-Eucalyptus Diffuser: Move over, soy candles. There’s a new natural scent in town and it’s as pretty as it is sweet smelling. (via Hello Natural)

5. Hair Serum: Why would you buy it when you can DIY a serum that’s healthier for you and your hair? We’re big fans of this recipe. (via Brit + Co)

6. Lavender Heel Salve: Whether you’re in an office or chasing your children, lots of us are on our feet all day. Your heels deserve some pampering after all that work. (via Hello Natural)

7. Lip Balm: A healthy beauty alternative and DIY jewelry? We are all over that. (via Go Make Me)

8. Eucalyptus Scent Bag: If you ever have smelly shoes or a stinky car, this little pouch is about to become your BFF. (via Yakkafit)

9. Lavender Salt Scrub: You’re only four ingredients away from softer, more luminous skin with this scrub. Your friends will be wondering how you do it. (via Brit + Co)

10. Perfume: No more scent-induced headaches for you. Try this naturally-scented perfume that will make you smell great without the pain. (via A Nest for All Seasons)

11. Felt Hand Warmers: There’s no sewing machine required for this project. Those little hearts would be a perfect gift for your Valentine. (via Hello Natural)

12. Bath Salts: When all you want is to escape the cold in a warm bath, add these bath salts for a fragrant and very gratifying soak. (via Postcards from Rachel)

Do you DIY with essential oils? Do you have any projects to share? We’d love to hear about them below!