In honor of the new year, we’re searching for ways to reinvent aspects of our beauty routines that have started to feel a bit tired. These updates really span the spectrum, from saying bye bye to sloppy gym hair to welcoming a fresh new fragrance on our necks. For the latter, we’re turning to these 9 DIY perfume tutorials that teach us exactly how to concoct a signature scent that’s so 2014.

1. Easy Solid Perfume: Seriously, you can make your own solid perfume with only three ingredients: olive oil, beeswax beads, and your favorite essential oil. It’s such an easy mix—you could probably make one in the time it takes to read this roundup! (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

2. California Citrus Sunshine Perfume: The mix of grapefruit, sweet orange, and lavender is perfect for you California dreamers out there. Spritz this invigorating scent on a rainy day to channel that fun-in-the-sun vibe. (via Henry Happened)

3. Solid Perfume With Shimmer: Add a touch of shimmery eye shadow to this easy solid perfume recipe to make your own two-in-one beauty balm. You know we can’t say no to a bit of extra sparkle ;) (via Henry Happened)

4. Homemade Eau De Perfume: Half the battle of making perfume is finding the perfect blend of essential oils. That’s why we love this tutorial that introduces three potions that are sure to smell as dreamy as their names (Midnight Garden, anyone?). (via Design*Sponge)

5. Vanity Bottle Perfume: This detailed video tutorial not only teaches you how to test your scents before you jar ‘em, it also shows you a clever way to DIY vintage-inspired glass perfume bottles. Hint: it involves drawer knobs and a cork. (via Lisa Pullano)

6. Essential Oil Solid Perfume Lockets: Look familiar? Solid perfume lockets happen to be uber popular on Pinterest, and we took the bait for this roundup. This tutorial yields some of the prettiest we’ve seen, and gives you two formulas to try yourself. (via Go Make Me)

7. Vanilla Clove Body Oil Spray (aka Man Magnet Spray): You bet the name of this perfume made us LOL. But all joking aside, the warm, cozy scents of vanilla and spicy clove make this the ultimate wintertime body spray. (via Henry Happened)

8. Rose Water: If you’re searching for a fragrance that won’t overwhelm the room, start with a soft scented spray like this rose water. Made with fragrant, fresh organic rose petals and water—as well as a drop of beet juice for color—this mist is subtle, yet unmistakably romantic. (via Roost Blog)

9. Solid Perfume Wedding Favor: Just like songs from mixtapes and comfort food, fragrance can take us back to a specific place in time. Embrace its emotional aspect and make a signature scent to represent a big moment in your life. Check out the scent suggestions from this tutorial. (via Etsy)

BONUS:Chanel No. 5 Perfume Clutch: We’d never completely turn our backs on Coco! While you’re fussing with scent substitutions, keep No. 5 close at hand with this DIY perfume bottle clutch. (via Dream, Create)