The winter months mean time to travel for plenty of people, and there are definitely some awesome options out there right now for those ready to hit the road (or water, sky or rails). You could opt for the $105 round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico, the $213 train trip that will take you past the most beautiful sights in America or even travel to gorgeous destinations as Royal Caribbean’s “Master Instagrammer.” But if you have somewhere else on your mind, you’ll be happy to hear that American Airlines is now offering cheaper tickets… with a catch.

If you’re the type of traveler who likes to be prepared (and pack) for all possible situations, then this might not be the deal for you. But if you’re willing to forego a little baggage, you can snag yourself some sweet savings.

Specifically, American Airlines is introducing a new “no frills” discounted fare class called Basic Economy that promises to be “lower than regular Main Cabin fares.” Launching in February in 10 select markets, the offer will then be expanded to other areas later this year.

women with carry-on

However, there are also a few other drawbacks to this option, including the fact that you have to board last, you can’t pick your seat, you can’t take a carry-on, there are no refunds on your tickets and you can’t make any changes. Basically, you have to take what you can get and you’re not allowed to take up any extra space.

But, hey, if you’re willing to give up a few perks, then you’ll be able to score some tix that aren’t as harsh on your budget. Give a little, get a little.

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(h/t The Verge; photos via American Airlines, Getty)