We don’t know about you guys but here at the Brit +Co office we’re feeling the Friday Eve Blues. I personally just put leftover Greek food on a bagel JUST TO FEEL ALIVE. It’s hard to get through the dregs of the week when Friday is so close you can taste it (and it tastes like leftover Greek food). In 48 or so hours you’ll be free to enjoy creative jello shots or take on a new weekend project or indulge in the best of all humankind’s creations: brunch. But for now you’re stuck at your desk and it’s still not even noon.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are spooning on a jet ski.

Amy posted a video on Instagram earlier this summer of her having a mini freak out when JLaw said her name on TV during an interview. Apparently the feeling of adoration was mutual because today Amy posted a pic of the two of them riding a jet ski somewhere tropical and beautiful.

Don’t look at this picture if you’re not ready for this jelly…

From the looks of the rest of Amy’s Instagram pics she’s on a wondrous lady vacation with the women in her life, likely celebrating the success of her movie Trainwreck. If you squint at this second pic you can see some of the writers from her show so hopefully this is some kind of creative lady plotting meeting and a year or so from now we’ll have the JLaw/ASchum buddy movie of our dreams.

Or maybe they’re brainstorming solutions to the Palestine conflict — we’re willing to believe this group of women could do ANYTHING together.

What are you and your girlfriends doing this weekend? Tell us in the comments!

(Photo via @amyschumer)