So you’re a bit of an animal lover. Well, maybe a little more than a bit. But hey, if you’re planning a wedding you’ve already beat the “forever single cat lady” stereotype. Why not keep those human friends of yours on their toes with something even more surprising… a tasteful animal themed wedding. Here are 30 ideas purrfect for a four-legged loving bride and groom.

1. Furry Friends: Well if this isn’t the prettiest flower girl we ever did see. (via The Knot)

2. Safari Cake: Lions, tigers and frosting. Oh my! (via Wedding Chicks)

3. Feeling Peckish: We’re accustomed to birds on the dinner table, just not birds with all their feathers. (via Junebug Wedding)

4. Animal Invite: We can’t think of an invite better-suited for a ceremony at LA’s Natural History Museum. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

5. Polar Bear Scare: Um, guys… don’t look now but there’s something behind you. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

6. Jungle Alter: We’re all about the alternative alters, especially this safari inspired one! (via Wedding Chicks)

7. Deer Wedding Cake Topper ($39): Go from “I do” to “I doe.”

8. Animal Cracker Crunch: Send guests home with this simple snack for one last animal act. (via Dandee Designs)

9. Horsing Around: Because unicorns are never a bad idea. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

10. Printed in Gold: For the animal lover fond of subtlety. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

11. Party Giraffe: This English wedding is full of dreamy, furry goodness. (via Junebug Weddings)

12. Sassy Suspenders: Have the groomsmen add a little fun to their outfits with printed suspenders. (via Fab You Bliss)

13. Giraffe Photo Bomb: This super fun backdrop is what Instagram dreams are made of. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

14. Porcelain Fox Ring Dish ($58): Let these two little fellas help you present your hubby his new band.

15. Illustrated Instinct: Who doesn’t want to see themselves beautifully illustrated as a charming pair of birds, bears or foxes? (via Wedding Chicks)

16. Masked Emotion: Have a tub of animal masks for some added mystery and an excellent photo op for guests. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

17. Octopus cozies: Take things nautical with a beer’s best friend. (via The Knot)

18. Heads or Tails: Show guests the their seats with these miniature gilded animals. (via The Knot)

19. Squirrel Boutonniere: For a wedding lapel that’s extra fun. (via The Knot)

20. Sheep Table Topper: Make your day wooly special with this little guy. (via The Knot)

21. Zoo Zazzle: A wedding at the Central Park Zoo? We’re in?! (via Note to Self)

22. Chicken Out: These feathered fellas sure do make things a lot more playful. (via Heather Parker)

23. Just Meowied: The cat themed wedding to top all cat themed weddings. And yes, cat themed weddings are a thing. (via Huffington Post)

24. Llamarama: Photobombed by a llama! We’ll take it! (via Animals at Weddings)

25. Goat Getup: Seems like this couple’s new goat friend is a little jealous that the bride is taken! (via One Wed)

26. Cat Call: It’s your day. If you want to make Princess Sparkles a bridesmaid, go for it. (via Heather Parker)

27. Origami Deer Studs ($11): These adorable earrings look like a perfect “something new.”

28. Jungle Love: Remember your wedding theme forever with these unique bands. (via Fab You Bliss)

29. Mule Make-out: Why not make a donkey part of your special day? (via Style Me Pretty)

30. Lamb Tale: These fuzzy little ladies make the best bridesmaids. (via Animals at Weddings)

Would you ever consider an animal themed wedding? Which idea is your favorite?