Step One: Figure out how to spell “boutonniere.” Step Two: Despite looking it up, still spell “boutonniere” wrong several times in this intro. Step Three: Forfeit elementary school spelling bee trophies. Looks like we could still use some French lessons, but while we work on that, get 21 wedding style lessons from these dapper dudes. Check out these unique, lapel-worthy boutonnieres to inspire your groom and his guys.

1. Rustic Chic Georgia Wedding: Keeping your wedding flowers to a single color can end up looking outdated, so we absolutely adore this cohesive medley of dynamic bouts that forgo the matchy-matchy look. (via Ruffled)

2. DIY Geometric Boutonniere: Get your gals together to make some adorably modern, yet down-to-earth suit candy. This tutorial is everything. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

3. Navy + Ivory DIY Boutonnieres: Created by the bride, these unique nuptial nuggets included beer bottle caps for a masculine edge. (via Confetti Daydreams)

4. Preserved Flowers: What?! These vintage-looking bouts (available on Etsy) are made with preserved flowers so they last through the shipping process and beyond. (via Waterfall Creative)

5. Wizard of Oz: This Wizard of Oz-inspired shoot is heaven, complete with ruby red slippers and a heart for the Tin Man of your dreams. Just make sure you do a little dance to keep the tornados/witches at bay. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

6. Country Cool: With hints of Tennessee all over the place, these cotton and gingham boutonnieres were perfect for this hitching. (via KLP Photography)

7. Safety Pin Chic: Metallic Leather and an unexpected safety pin come together for a super sweet brooch-turned-boutonniere. Grab one on Etsy or make it yourself! (via SuperDuperThings)

8. Handcrafted Sonora Style: Um, these glitter-bombed boutonnieres are indeed cool… but holy crap, this entire wedding is like a magazine spread. We have no words. (via Ruffled)

9. Military-Inspired Medals: Rather than the traditional flowers, show your man he’s really won your heart with this cute bout. This tutorial has all the deets. (via Etsy Blog)

10. Dallas Brights: We’re going to have to have, like, 20 more weddings just to use all these ideas. (via Style Me Pretty)

11. DIY Pom Pom Boutonniere: Pom poms, we can’t get enough. (via One Fab Day)

12. Coral Roses: The punches of neon and aqua keep these otherwise traditional boutonnieres current. Anyone know what those fuschia sprigs are? (via Belle)

13. Action Figures Angle: Admittedly, these superheroes kind of look like they are being burned at the stake… but we are super into them anyway! The coordinating gingham, stunning blogger bride and jaw-dropping bouquet aren’t too shabby either. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

14. Origami: This groom has no need for a boutonniere when he’s rocking this folded paper crane pocket square. Paper cranes are supposed to bring good luck, too! (via NANAZOOLAN)

15. Simple Greens: Your man isn’t fussy, so why should his flowers be? (via Southern Weddings)

16. Warehouse Wedding: Almost neon red, these little guys will brighten up any old suit. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

17. Shotgun Shell Boutonniere: Forget the shotgun wedding thing and do the shotgun boutonniere thing instead. (via ItsADucksLife)

18. Neon Plaid: Not sure what we like better… this electric bout or the electric tie. Thoughts? (via The Knot)

19. DIY Succulent Boutonniere: We love succulents of all kinds, and this trendy plant is even better on a lapel. This tutorial features frosty shades of desert plants and helps you figure out how to wire them yourself. (via Creature Comforts)

20. Toy Treasures: Some Pez dispensers had to die to create these super cute and campy suit stunners… and it was definitely worth it. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

21. Malibu Forest: Cool tones are exactly right for this cool wedding. Also, cool hair? This bride and groom (and all their friends) have amazing hair. (via The Wedding Chicks)

What’s gonna be sitting on your groom’s lapel come the big day? Let us know in the comments!