For some, walking down the aisle is the most important 20 feet of your life so it better be gorgeous! The aisle used to be just a piece of fabric rolled down the middle of the chairs, but now brides are taking full advantage of this walk to show some personality and style. Whether you want a minimalist look or are going full flower crazy, we’ve got some perfect ideas for you to decorate that aisle.

1. Ribbons Galore: Instead of flowers, go for a flowy ribbon aisle that is a little more muted, but still dresses up the ceremony beautifully. Ribbons are much cheaper than blooms so you can really pile them on without spending a lot of money. (via Style Me Pretty)

2. Feather Fluff: For a completely fun and different look, go with feathers instead of petals! This would be a really cool effect for a winter wonderland wedding — pre-snowfall, of course. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Ombre Petals: We love us some ombre, and you’ll be floating high on this amazing runner of petals. (via Bridal Guide)

4. Mix and Matched Chairs: Who said all the seating has to match? Go for a shabby chic look with rustic garden chairs and simple potted plants at the end of each aisle for a charming outdoor garden wedding. (via Style Me Pretty)

5. Beach Charm: This no-frills aisle features a quirky row of fishing balls to add lots of color and character. At the end of the aisle, the bride and groom stood under a gorgeous driftwood arch, completing this lovely nautical-tinged ceremony. (via Oh Lovely Day)

6. Schoolhouse Wedding: Adorable little paper bags filled with flowers along the aisle, nodded to brown paper bag school lunches at this ceremony held in a vintage schoolhouse. (via Wedding Bells)

7. Cafe Seating: Going with non-traditional seating is so much more fun! The cafe chairs give a fun retro look, and we absolutely adore the color dipped legs. Check out our easy DIY if you want this look for your ceremony. (via Style Me Pretty)

8. Calligraphy Runner: Whether you write out your vows, the story of how you met or the lyrics to your favorite song, the handwritten look is one of our favorites for a really personal ceremony. (via Wedding Party)

9. Yellow Petal Road: To ensure none of the petals are out of place, glue them along a paper runner. This would be perfect at an outdoor wedding where you weren’t completely sure of the weather cooperating. (via Wedding Chicks)

10. Flour Aisle Runner: Creative and eco friendly, this runner was made with a stencil and some good old flour. We love decor touches that look amazing without doing damage to our budget! (via Ruffled)

11. Paper Cutouts: Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean you need to stick to the floral theme. If you love to travel, lay out cutouts of airplanes on the floor! It’s your day, dedicated to showing off your story and personality, so have fun with it. (via Culinary Crafts)

12. Rope Swirl Runner: If you want colorful and boho, look no further than this eclectic rug DIY. We love all the texture and colors this has in it — and all without a flower to be seen. (via Free People)

13. Pom Poms: We never would’ve thought of using pom poms instead of petals but the look is fun and fab! They lend such a playful and colorful feel, and at the end of the wedding, the guests got to throw more handfuls of pom poms at the happy couple. (via Southern Weddings)

14. Golden Confetti Runner: Dress up a plain white runner with big gold paper confetti pieces. Sprinkle them evenly over the whole thing or just do selected sections — either way this sparkly aisle is sure to shine. (via Oh Joy)

15. Magic Carpet: How fun is this color blocked look with antique rugs?! The varied shapes give it cool variety but make for an elegant and cozy aisle. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

16. Chevron Runner: We salute anyone who chooses to go with bright colors in their wedding — and this chevron runner is perfect! (via Wedding Chicks)

17. Paper Florals: If you’re feeling ambitious, you could sew this together, but we think it could also be made by cutting and painting a white runner. (via Style Me Pretty)

18. Neon Rainbow: Why stop the fun when you get to the alter? Keep the runner going on up the wall for extra color and style. This reminds us of our washi wall, so feel free to use that as your DIY for the above! (via Style Me Pretty)

What is your favorite look for the aisle? Do you want lots of bright patterns or tons of feathers? Talk to us in the comments below!