Sometimes it’s just too hot. And sometimes that kind of sweaty situation calls for nothing other than a good old-fashioned pool party. But what would make a pool party way cuter? PUPPIES!! Looks like we aren’t the only ones throwing together a final summer soiree…

Though we definitely know how to throw a summertime shindig for the ages, the happy pups over at Michigan’s Lucky Puppy doggy day care center sure are giving us a run for our money.

With some nearly perfect cannonballs, fetch retrievals and plenty of chit chat, there doesn’t seem to be a party pooper in the place.

And as if access to this dog-bone shaped pool wasn’t good enough, the video also shows us a glimpse of Lucky Puppy’s three-acre playground featuring seven acres of nature trails.

So all this information leaves us with just one question: When can we come?

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