Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a love story for the ages, and they’re making sure we don’t forget it! The couple, who famously met on the set of their shared show, That ’70s Show, back in the early ’90s, only to reunite and fall in love and wed years later in 2015, just documented their sweet beginnings in a pretty nifty way.

The duo, who rarely share shots of their two children, showed off a nostalgic baby tee that was too cute for words as modeled by their near one-year-old son, Dimitri Kutcher.

The tee features a shot of a young Kunis and Kutcher back in their heyday as Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart, and we can’t help but recall the the scene, which saw the pair critiquing the girls around them in an ill-fated attempt to remain platonic.

“Yes, this Is my son’s outfit today,” the 39-year-old captioned his Instagram pic, adding the hashtags #that70sshow #kelsoandjackieforever.” Our hearts!

The shirt also includes the final line from the show’s opening theme song, “Hello Wisconsin.”

Fans were definitely loving the outfit, leaving comments like “Cutest thing I’ve ever seen” and “The feelsss on this. I was one of you[r] original fans. Jackie and Kelso forever.” Jackie and Kelso, forever indeed.

Three cheers for true love!

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(Photos via Fox + Chris Weeks/Getty)