Love is in the air, and you know what that means… babies are on the way! When your BFF announced that she has a bundle on the way you were totally ready to start planning a baby shower for your favorite momma to be. Now that you’ve sent the baby shower invitations, stocked up on copious amounts of confetti for the baby shower (no such thing as too much) and pinned recipes for baby shower sweets, check out this list of day-of essentials you’ll want to help get the festivities in full swing.


1. Little Miss Shower in a Box ($139): If your baby shower theme is “Ohmygah, so cute,” this set is a perfect one-stop-shop. “Party in a box” is not an exaggeration — short of the cupcakes and punch, your work here is done.


2. Little Miss Shower in a Box Tableware Party Pack ($49): Maybe you’ve got your own ideas for baby shower decor. If that’s the case, you can opt for the very same cups, plates and utensils that come in the Party in a Box, then craft your own adorable decor ideas.


3. Party Fans ($28, set of five): Pink-for-girl and blue-for-boy is so passé. These delicate paper fans come in a variety of shades and colors for that perfect festive touch. Find out what colors your friend has in mind for the nursery, and coordinate accordingly.


4. Tassel Garland Kit ($13): For decorating the party room, a nice tassel garland says, “This way to the cake and presents!” It can even double as a cute backdrop for photos of momma and that baby bump.


5. Macaron Kit ($25): These yummy pastel finger-foods are a baby shower staple, and now you can whip them up at home!


6. Small Fry Baby Onesie ($30): Everything, with a side of fries. One size only, this 18M Onesie is available for a limited time only.


7. Tin Cake Stand ($20): Boy or girl, this frilly cupcake stand is just the thing for serving cakes or sweets.


8. Baby Jumpsuit In A Jar ($39): But like… does this come in an adult medium?


9. Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit ($34): Show off the prettiest cake at your next baby shower hosting gig. Whether your going for blues or pinks, this cake decoring kit will help you make the dreamiest sweets.


10. Simple Cloud Wall Decal Set ($19, set of 16): These will make the snug little bug’s nest seem just like sleeping on a cloud.


11. Confetti Triangles Decorative Wall Decal Set ($30): Pimp the nursery with this adorable stick-on confetti. The cheerful decals will make the nursery look like an all-day, every-day celebration.


12. Custom Top Name DIY Growth Chart Kit ($18): Here’s a gift you don’t have to worry about baby outgrowing in a month. Wish we could say the same for that flamingo onesie.


13. Bundle of Poop Card ($5): Know someone who can’t make it to the shower? You might point them in the direction of this all-too-honest card. With a healthy dose of humor, anything is forgivable.


14. Poppy & Fern + Son of a Sailor Wrapping Sheets ($15, pack of six): You want wrapping paper that’s just as cute as your gift. Having trouble picking your favorite? Okay, we won’t tell you it’s reversible.

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