Do you consider yourself to be confetti obsessed? If so, you’re probably all about finding new ways to use it in everything. And this colorful hodgepodge of cool ways to party with confetti is here to up your baby shower game. So whether you are planning your bestie’s shower or just looking for some inspo, these buys and DIYs are sure to get you and the mom-to-be confetti-ed away. Scroll on for some bright, colorful and sparkly fun.

Confetti Photo Booth

1. Floating Confetti Photo Booth: Nowadays, every party needs a super cute selfie zone. Trust us — this one is sure to be a winner. (via Studio DIY)


2. Confetti Oreos: Bring a little color to the dessert spread with these funfetti-dipped treats. (via Sprinkles for Breakfast)


3. Confetti-Filled Balloons: You’ll put regular balloons to shame when you decorate your next shindig with these fun floating cornucopias of color. Simply use a funnel to fill clear balloons with confetti before you inflate. Easy peasy! (via DIY Network)

Confetti Wands

4. Confetti Wands: Now get ready to pump that photo booth up with some confetti wands. You don’t have to limit yourself to photos either; anytime is the perfect time to bring a flurry of color to the party. (via Best Friends for Frosting)


5. Confetti-Dipped Balloons: Gold confetti + colorful balloons? We might have just died and gone to party-decor heaven. (via Studio DIY)

Confetti Garland

6. Confetti Garlands: Details are *everything* when it comes to throwing a baby shower. Confetti garlands have a way of livening up a space and drawing people in. P.S. This is a pretty simple DIY project too. (via Sweet Style Blog)

Confetti Push Pop

7. Push Pop Confetti ($23): For this, we can excuse the absence of ice cream.


8. Pastel Confetti Cake: This pretty pastel cake is a labor of love, but it sure does take the cake when it comes to shower desserts. (Brit + Co)

Confetti gift jar

9. Confetti Surprise Jars: Bye-bye, boring white box. Hello, jar filled with fun! Half the fun of this DIY is going to be watching your guests dig through that impressive amount of confetti. Bonus points if you hide little gender reveal babies inside. (via Studio DIY)


10. Confetti Popcorn: Everyone loves popcorn. But sprinkled popcorn? Now that’s the perfect shower snack. (via Brit + Co)

Confetti Packs

11. Confetti Fun Packs ($6): Pooped just thinking about making confetti? Buying it definitely isn’t cheating. You planned that party, didn’t you? (via Okie Heart Studio)

Confetti Eye Liner

12. Confetti Eyeliner: Let that mama-to-be shine with some fun makeup. Have her over early so you can do her hair and makeup. She will be super thankful and super sparkly. (via The Beauty Department)

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 3.44.39 PM

13. Geometric Confetti: This triangle-themed baby shower shows that confetti need not be rainbow hued or round. Emily Henderson FTW. (via Style by Emily Henderson)

How do you rock your confetti? Leave us some colorful comments below!