While a texting exchange from the wrong number is usually an uneventful affair (鈥渟orry, wrong number byeee鈥), there are those who make the best of the unexpected situation. Need a prime example? We suggest you check out the exchange between Dennis Williams and new parents Lindsey and Mark Knox.


Over the weekend, Dennis was included in a group message that read, 鈥淲e are at the hospital. Having a baby today!鈥 He tried to inform the group that someone must have included the wrong number but everyone was too excited over the baby Carson鈥檚 arrival to really pay much attention. After the baby was born, Dennis decided not just to write congrats to a couple of strangers, but to buy the family presents and personally deliver them to the hospital!

texting baby mix up

Teresa Lashley, Carson鈥檚 new grandmother, was the one behind the mix-up. She later took to Facebook to share the sweet and totally random story. Accompanying the photo of the new parents, Dennis and his brother Deorick , Lashley wrote, 鈥淚 accidentally text messaged about Mark and Lindsey having a baby to a number I had in my phone for someone else which now belongs to Mr. Dennis Williams and he and his brother came by to visit us and brought the baby a gift! What a blessing these two guys were to our family. They were so sweet and kind to do this! You 2 are great guys and thank you for giving to someone you didn鈥檛 know!鈥 She goes on to write, 鈥淚f we all only had this kind of heart.鈥

Wow. If there was ever a way to make a baby鈥檚 arrival even more of a happy cry sort of occasion, this is definitely it.

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(Photos via Deorick Williams/Facebook)