We’re sorry to say it, but summer is coming to an end. All those days of lounging poolside and sipping cocktails are about to be distant memories. With autumn quickly rolling in, it’s back to school you go. Sure that means fun dorm days where you’re cooking in a coffee pot and arranging washi tape all over those sad white walls, but it also means homework, essays and a whole lot of studying. All that computer work can get to you. So here are 27 desktop wallpapers to keep you going when the going gets tough.

1. Stay Awesome: Sometimes all you need is a little reminder. (via Lovely Indeed)

2. Floral Fix: Peaceful, elegant, just what you need to get the semester started. (via Design Love Fest)

3. Berry Bliss: Make that homework a little sweeter. (via Daria Daria)

4. Start Fresh: New year, new you! (via A Pair of Pears)

5. Good News: Here is one for when you’re on the brink of giving up on that 20 page essay. (via Design Love Fest)

6. Venn Diagram Drama: School is stressful. Use this wallpaper to bring some balance back into your life. (via Herman Miller)

7. What a Hoot: Here’s a fellow night owl to keep you company. (via Simple Desktops)

8. Mars Landing: If you feel yourself going crazy in that shoebox of a dorm room, just open up your laptop and find yourself on a whole other planet. (via The Fox is Black)

9. Optical Daze: We could stare forever. (via Herman Miller)

10. Beach Babes: For those of you who just can’t seem to let summer go. (via Design Love Fest)

11. Work It: In case you need to be reminded. (via Brit+Co)

12. Motivated Lady: Step aside, physics. You’re about to get your butt kicked. (via Design Love Fest)

13. Light it up: This pretty design is sure to get those creative ideas flowing. (via Pop Sugar)

14. Look on the Bright Side: What’s better than floral optimism? (via Design Love Fest)

15. The Daisy Way: It’s always spring with this pretty piece designed by Lilly Pulitzer. (via Canadian Prep)

16. Work Hard Play Hard: It’s the only way to get things done. (via Two Twenty One)

17. Pretty in Pink: When you’re still studying at 4 A.M this is exactly what you need to hear. (via Lovely Indeed)

18. Beginnings: Everyone has to start somewhere. (via Design Milk)

19. Caffeine Queen: You’ll definitely need one. Or five… (via A Pair of Pears)

20. Healing Humanity: A daily reminder of some words to live by. (via Design Love Fest)

21. Rock it like Rocky: Because let’s be honest, when we finish finals we all kind of feel like this. (via Simple Desktops)

22. Animal Instinct: No shame. (via Pretty Fluffy)

23. Step Back: For when it all feels like a little too much. (via Design Love Fest)

24.  Just Do It: It’s amazing how far a motivated mind will take you. (via Tech Love Design)

25. Endless Cycle: We’ll go anywhere if we get to ride this adorable bike. (via Oh the Lovely Things)

26. The Great Outdoors: A little something to transport you out of the school library. (via I’m Breanna Rose)

27. Dream On: It won’t be hard to do with this whimsical background. (via Angela Janette)

Which one of these wallpapers will do you like best? Share with us!