You know when you come across something and you think to yourself “well isn’t that just a real gem”? How often is that thing an ACTUAL gem-shaped speaker? Not often enough!

Created by the party-rocking color-loving team at, this Gem Speaker ($40) is a conversation-worthy piece that’s perfect for your home, office or for keeping in your bag at all times. You never know when a reason to start an impromptu dance party might present itself, so you best be prepared.

Made from neon pink coated resin, the gem powers up via a USB charging cord and plays up to 12 hours of continuous tunes on a single charge. Plug it into your phone, laptop or any music playing device with a headphone jack, and you’re one step closer to an endless dance-off.

Not only does this gem double as decor, but it happens to make a super excellent prop in any photo booth :) Snag your own Gem Speaker in the B+C Shop — get one for yourself and one for a friend, and be sure that both of you bring them to the next late night dance party, bachelorette or beachy bonfire for maximum music time.

Are you a never-leave-home-without-a-portable-speaker type of gal? Or always have a playlist at the ready? Tell us your go-to dance tracks in the comments below.