Tell the grill master in your life to step away from the charcoal to come ogle this book. Not any old book: the Bible of Barbecue. Because when your steak-slingin’ bestie sees just what this holy text can do for your ‘cue, they’ll be floored.

While it can’t turn water into a wine marinade, the kitchen miracles it can perform are equally as impressive. Are you ready for this? You can actually cook with its pages! They crumble into charcoal pieces, tear into sheets of aluminum foil, and even double as a fire starter.

Created by kitchen supplies brand Tramontina for their very lucky, very barbecue-obsessed clients, the Biblia Chiaroscuro is as fantastical as cookbooks get. It not only takes you through the basics of the Brazilian art form: from prep to cooking to serving, it also transforms into the exact tools you need to complete each of those steps. After you read all about the nuances of seasoning, crumble up that white page over your steak to salt it. Learn knife sharpening 101, then take your blade to the stone-like page. And when your steak is salted and your knife is razor sharp, carve it up on the book’s wooden cover that doubles as a cutting board.

We know, we know: this is Father’s Day godsend, right? Unforch, only 2,000 copies of the coveted book are available in Brazilian bookstores. So neither our dads nor us will be able to hold it in our smoky grip, but if we ever did, we believe it could turn us — and even the worst of cooks — into the most bitchin’ BBQers around. The book’s mind-blowing construction makes sure readers don’t skim or skip from page to page before plopping a too-big roast on a too-cool grill: it forces them to become masters of the craft. We know we wouldn’t rip out its pages before we could sear grill marks with our eyes closed. Then once we learned to, our trophy would be a delicious meaty meal and an empty space on our cookbook shelf.

(h/t Creativity)

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