Here at Brit + Co, we strongly encourage the making of all things, and if the thing you make is wine, we want to be invited over to sample it. In the maker spirit! Okay, and the we-love-wine spirit. We asked you if you would use your SodaStream to make wine, which is probably why you clicked through after screaming “DUHHHHH” at your computer, phone or tablet. Well, bad news: you can’t. But GREAT news: there is a new gadget that will do that, the Miracle Machine.

It’s a wine veteran-created concept of biblical proportions, but it is truly coming to a Kickstarter near you. This machine turns water — okay, and a FEW other things — into wine. All you do is add the necessary ingredients, like grape concentrate, yeast and a secret sachet to the machine’s fermentation chamber, choose the wine style you want to sip soon and that’s it! You’ll be able to monitor the process on your smartphone the whole time.

The process is not immediate, so don’t count on Miracle Machine to actually save your party if you run out of red or white. It will take three days to stomp those grapes, not Jesus speedy but speedy enough that it could raise a real glass to winemaking at home, giving amateur beer brewers some serious hostess gift competition.

The Miracle Machine is still a little out of arm’s reach for now, with a soon-to-launch Kickstarter campaign. Register on their site to get the alert for when you can pledge for some Pinot. MM is currently priced at $499, so here’s hoping an “early bird” donation will knock off a percentage of the price.

Even though $499 ain’t cheap, the cost of ingredients will be low, letting you make your own wine at-home for around $2 a bottle. Once the machine is for sale, you will be able to shop for ingredients through their site and on Amazon. Miracle Machine also plans to create an affordable monthly kit service under $10 where they will send you the mix-ins to create a bottle of wine a week. And yes, we will cheers to that.

What do you think of the Miracle Machine? Do you need it in your kitchen yesterday or would you be happy buying Three Buck Chuck?