Sure, you look stunning carrying buds from your beaux around town on Valentine’s Day. But what about after date night, when you return home to your collection of too-casual mason jars and too-fancy wine glasses but not a proper vase in sight? See—you really do need to invest in a vase! Actually make that two: a wider, multi-stem vase for full bouquets and a short bud vase for your favorite clippings. We’ve got both types covered in the roundup, where we showcase 15 vases that rival the beauty of the flowers they so artfully hold.

1. ferm Living Spear Vase ($79): A geo pattern in pretty pastels? We’ve already found ourselves a winner! This porcelain vase would look at home in any modern living space.

2. Brass Hexagon Vase ($63): Don’t worry about top heavy flowers tipping over in this solid brass vase. The hexagon shape is right on trend.

3. Pinched and Glazed Bottle Vase ($72): This ceramic color block vase is handmade, and we love that you can totally tell. Every detail is completely charming, from the paint’s drip finish to the intentional indent in its silhouette.

4. Pebble Bud VaseandBloom Bud Vase ($20 each): We’re obsessed with this collection of bold and bright little vessels. Mix and match the round pebble and flute shaped bloom vases to make an unforgettable tablescape.

5. Blue Marble Vase ($68): Marbled blue forms flow like swirling clouds across this slender handmade vase that we’re just dying to stuff with bright red roses or cheery daffodils.

6. Dipped Bouey Vase ($145): This glossy color block vessel measures almost 12 inches tall—that’s skyscraper height as far as vases go. Filled with stretching branches, it would make a striking table centerpiece.

7. Pooley 8-Tube Vase ($30): Give each flower the attention it deserves with this unconventional eight tube vase. We’re smitten with the mix of neutrals and muted gem tones in this modern eggplant color scheme.

8. Snug.Vase High ($18): What looks like the most perfect geometric vase actually isn’t a vase at all. It’s better—it’s a completely foldable cardboard cover that masks junky bottles with its fabulous facets. Genius!

9. Carved Porcelain Bud Vase ($100): A near perfect oval shape. That milky bone finish. Those hand carved cutouts! It’s obvious that this porcelain vase is a stunning achievement in craftsmanship.

10. Pebbled Bud Vases ($24): These gorgeous vases are hand blown in Japan, making each flat, medium, or tall vessel completely unique. Choose your favorite shape in one of six colorful tints.

11. Kelly Lamb Geo Vase ($160): Meet the geometric vase of your dreams. A crackle glaze adds character to its sharp shape.

12. Modern Stripe Bottle Vase ($41): Shut up—you can totally customize the color of the rounded-tipped stripes that make these glossy bottle vases oh so lovely. We’ll take one in every color for Brit HQ ;)

13. Light Blue Vase ($35): The wildly painted ombre stripes make this handmade piece a standout. Fill it with lush hydrangeas for tabletop perfection.

14. Gray Vase With Matte Black Glaze ($50): We’ve never laid eyes on such a handsome vase. See just how dapper it can be once pretty petals playfully tame its industrial feel.

15. Heath Multi Stem Vase ($92): Heath Ceramics has been making tableware like this sleek and sturdy vase for over a half-century. You’re staring at a real treasure—this could be your very first family heirloom.

How would you display your Valentine’s Day—or any day—flowers at home? Would you invest in a beautiful vase or would you try to DIY? Tell us in the comments below.