Gearing up to go back to school means decking out your dorm, getting an on-point planner and, of course, stocking up on school supplies. While you’re busy adding educational swag to your shopping cart, keep in mind that some of these purchases can go way beyond the classroom. Here are three legit beauty hacks made possible by tape, a pencil, and an eraser. Class is in session, so pay attention!

create a contour with a pencil

An easy, fool-proof way to step up your contour game is by breaking out a pencil. That’s right — grab that (unsharpened) writing utensil and use it to create the cheekbones of your dreams. It’s pretty simple: Place the edge of the pencil underneath your cheekbone as a straight-edged guide for your powder or cream contour product.

just wing it with an eraser

It’s by far the most bizarre trick on this list, but once we saw YouTuber Promise Phan share this hack on her channel, we had to test it ourselves. Snip two corners off a large eraser and attach them to opposite sides of a cotton swab with hot glue. You now have a DIY school-supply eyeliner tool — boom! Now, cover the triangular eraser corner with your go-to liquid eyeliner. Starting at the outer corner of your eye — in line with your lash line — drag the painted eraser corner (with the straight edge facing upward) toward your lashes to create a clean cat eye in seconds.

master the cat eye with tape

Carefully place a strip of clear tape on the outer corner of each eye, so it meets the outer end of your eyebrow. This creates a crisp cat eye with whatever shadow you choose. Gently peel the tape off when you’re done and you’ll be left with a stunning, sharp masterpiece that looks professionally done.

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Photography by Kurt Andre