Thanks to the plethora of blogs, Instagram feeds, vlogs and YouTube channels that are out there to satisfy all our beauty, makeup and fashion needs, it would be easy to give up on print magazines altogether. But we just can’t quit them. A good old-fashioned glossy magazine spread is the perfect medium to experience beauty and style, and come on, who doesn’t love getting mail? Get your credit cards ready and clear some room on your coffee table (or grab one of these cool caddies), because these 10 beauty and style periodicals are totally worth the subscription.


1. The Gentlewoman: Real women’s personal style — not couture style marketed to real women — is what’s celebrated in this beautifully written and well-designed UK-based magazine. Gotta love a publication that has had Vivienne Westwood, Angela Lansbury and Beyoncé on its cover.


2. creem: This NYC-based, insanely well-designed combo magazine/branding agency specializes in innovative fashion, art and music content. Pick up an issue or subscribe to an entire year to be up to date on the latest trends.


3. DARE: Um, can we just say that we can’t believe it took until 2013 for a magazine focusing on plus-size style to arrive on the scene? Issues are only available online now, but here’s hoping this smart, sexy, beautifully styled Canadian mag expands into print subscriptions asap.


4. Oyster: If you’re a sucker for stellar fashion photography and the hippest music (or if you’re already a fan of NYLON), this one’s for you.


5. Uptown: In addition to putting role models like Queen Latifah and Kerry Washington on the cover, this African-American lifestyle mag in the vein of Marie Claire or Esquire gives plenty of ink to beauty and fashion.


6. Pattern: A style publication based in… the Midwest? It’s true! This bi-annual Indianapolis-based mag is published by a non-profit that seeks to build a community within the design world.


7. Elléments: Fans of W magazine will appreciate this publication’s sometimes-out-there approach to fashion. (There’s a whole issue devoted to Victorian-era style.)


8. FRUiTS: This crazy-colorful magazine is in Japanese, but its photos of Harajuku style speak for themselves.


9. Tipsy Zine: If the painting-nails emoji is consistently on your “recently used” tab, you’ve found your mothership. This nail-art lifestyle zine celebrates anything and everything having to do with nail culture. (Think sculptural nail-art competitions.)


10. I <3 Fake: This online fashion/culture magazine just launched its print version. We highly recommended for it those who miss now-defunct British mag Sleazanation. (RIP)

What are the must-read magazines you still subscribe to? Did we miss any awesome beauty and style publications?