We love, love, love stumbling across fellow creatives and makers on YouTube. From LaurDIY to Zoella, we can’t get enough. But just like Tumblr and Pinterest, YouTube gets you started with one thing that you came to the site for, and two hours later you’re watching a video of a puppy cuddling with a baby. This week, we’re here to give you 12 awesome fashion brands that’ll get you subbed and hooked. Your wallets may need to watch out.

1. Free People: Free People has some great makeup and hair tutorials along with awesome short films that highlight their catalogs. Their YouTube channel is perfect for all your boho inspiration.

2. Kate Spade New York: If you’re just as obsessed as we are with bright colors, then you’ll love Kate Spade’s channel. They have a playlist called “Living Colorfully,” which is filled with over 30 videos about how they bring color to different parts of the world and into different aspects of our daily lives. Plus, their current featured video stars Anna Kendrick … ’nough said.

3. Gap: If you’ve never experienced the comfort and beauty of wearing a pair of Gap 1969 jeans, you have to go watch their entire 1969 playlist solely dedicated to that line of jeans. Or if you’re feeling down that the holidays are over (we feel it too… ) then check out their series of funny and heartwarming holiday commercials.

4. H&M: Did you know H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz? Oh, you did? Well, did you know that their YouTube channel posts all the fashion events they’ve been to? They even have a behind-the-scenes playlist for their photo shoots and lookbooks.

5. Tory Burch: As usual, TB keeps it high-class. From interviews to trends to new accessories, Tory Burch’s YouTube channel features it all.

6. Victoria’s Secret: Besides showing off their heavenly everyday bras, Victoria’s Secret’s YouTube channel has a pretty kickass sports playlist you can use to train like an angel. Also, all the trainers are rocking the latest (and cutest) VS sports bras and yoga pants. So rather than just seeing a picture of the bra you want on their website, you might be able to see it in action on their YouTube channel.

7. Banana Republic: Cold weather got you down? Banana Republic’s 2015 summer presentation line is up on their channel. You can also watch how BR designers get inspired to create new seasonal lines. Maybe your next DIY scarf will be Banana Republic–inspired.

8. Urban Outfitters: Our absolute fave playlist is called Dreamers + Doers. It’s all about makers inspiring fellow makers. It concentrates a lot on design while adding in that Urban Outfitters edge. Be sure to subscribe to them so you can stay updated with their giveaways, music videos and live streams.

9. Forever 21: Besides doing fun videos revealing their latest collections, F21 keeps their uploads real. They like to show behind the scenes and unveil all the fun stuff that goes on when the cameras are off. They also have celebrities come on their YouTube channel and play games together.

10. PacSun: It always seems sunny in the land of PacSun, and that’s exactly what their YouTube channel feels like too. From their unbelievably soft bullhead denim to their latest street wear from Diamond Supply Co, you can check out all the latest on their channel.

11. Carter’s: Alright mamas (or expecting mamas), this one’s for you. Carter’s YouTube showcases their adorable jammies and pastel apparel, and you will not be able to resist. Be sure to take pictures of your little model and hashtag it #Microfashion on all your social medias.

12. Ralph Lauren: Have you seen the street art done on Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply flagship store in New York? It’s beautiful to say the least. RL’s YouTube features the artist, Jonathan Bartlett, and the process behind the tall mural. You also get to take a peek backstage of different runway events and see the craftsmanship that goes into making the Polo logo.

Which channels are you going to subscribe to? Tell us in the comments!